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17+ Remote Work Blogs and Resources to Follow in 2017

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Whether you’re a remote worker or just embarking on this journey it’s always good to have useful resources at hand. Being a team working remotely ourselves we’ve decided to put together a list of great blogs where you can find information on different aspects of working out of the office.

1. CareerMetis

This blog offers the ideas, tips, strategies, and resources you need to help you land that dream job. Though the blog is not focused on remote work you can easily read the available posts on the topic by searching for this tag.

Besides, CareerMetis can assist you with great advice on productivity, networking, job search and resume writing tips, etc.

2. HappyMelly

2017-03-01_12-37_How to Be Happy at Work Blog.jpg

Do you believe that happiness at work is what matters? So does Happy Melly. This Business Network brings together videos, podcast, blogs, work-life balance tips, and other valuable resources to make sure you’re happy with where and how you work.

Check the remote work category for useful tips and tricks for the remote lifestyle.


3. Leadership IQ

2017-03-01_12-39_The Blog by Mark Murphy and.jpg

A blog definitely to have on the list. It’s led by Mark Murphy, a New York Times bestselling author, weekly contributor to Forbes, and ranked as a Top 30 Leadership Guru. You’ll find a number of blog posts covering telecommuting, time management, teamwork, leadership skills, etc. As well as quizzes which will help you to evaluate your skills and assets, and just to have some fun.


4. Open Buffer

2017-03-01_12-40_Remote Work Archives.jpg

Buffer, being a team which operates remotely themselves, has great insights on the remote work concept. Their Buffer Open blog offers many hacks for the remote workers: from productivity and travel to useful gears and gadgets. Everything you could possibly need to be a happy location independent worker.


5. Notey

2017-03-01_12-42_Working remotely.jpg

Being a blog post search engine, Notey gathers blog posts on the topic you’re interested in across the web. Needless to say, you’ll have a great selection of the featured articles on remote work when you perform the search.

You can create an account to set the topics and publishers you’re interested in to receive regular updates.


6.  Redbooth

2017-03-01_12-44_Remote Work Blog.jpg

Redbooth is actually a collaboration and communication platform enabling project teams to get work done. Their blog covers an array of topics, remote work being one of them. You can learn from the experiences of the remote teams, improve your productivity skills, find ways to have better meetings.


7. Remote Base

2017-03-01_12-46_RemoteBase Blog.jpg

Have a sneak peek into the reality of the remote work through the real experiences of people leading this lifestyle. It’s a source to get inspired and learn. Find out more about the challenges of working remotely and how to get things done efficiently while roaming the world.



2017-03-01_12-48_Remote Work Blog.jpg

If you’re still hesitating whether the remote lifestyle is for you this blog will help you to find the answer. Already working remotely? Find the advice on how to cope with your challenges on the way. At the same time, it’s a good source for entrepreneurs and startups building and managing their remote teams.


9. Remote Nation

2017-03-01_12-50_Working Remotely Archives.jpg

Check “Working Remotely” section of the Remote Nation blog to find the real experiences of the remote workers worldwide sharing their wisdom. Also, you can find the information about where to find remote jobs, which tools to use and locations to go to.


10. SocialTalent


HR/Recruitment blog which main focus is finding employees/finding a job through social media. This blog will be especially useful for the HRs and entrepreneurs looking to hire a remote team. At the same time, you’ll be able to find plenty of information on qualities employers are looking for in the remote workers, the highest paying remote jobs, changing of the workspace, etc.


11. Transformify

2017-03-01_12-53_Blog - Transformify.jpg

A platform connecting employers with the best talent worldwide is featuring various aspects of the remote work and distributed teams management on the blog. Here you can find articles on self-development, bridging the skills gap, interviews with the remote workers and startups hiring remotely.

Also, if you have something to say on the topic you can submit your blog post for free. A remote contractor? You can also find a remote job.


12. The Remote Nomad

2017-03-01_12-55_Blog — The Remote Nomad.jpg

Thinking of becoming a digital nomad and combining work and travel? This is the perfect place for you. You’ll be able to find online courses and training, as well as a great number of blog posts which will help you to start this journey even if you never worked remotely before.

From how to get your first remote work to all the aspects of digital nomad life, this blog is your guide into the remote work world.


13. The Remote Trip

2017-03-01_12-57_Blog - The Remote Trip.jpg

You’ll really appreciate this blog if you’re already working remotely. Covering popular destinations for digital nomads as well as sharing some real stories and useful hacks of the remote workers the Remote Trip is a great resource for those who combine remote work and travel.


14. The Work at Home Woman

2017-03-01_12-59_Work at Home Archives.jpg

Especially for all the women who are looking for work and family balance on their own terms. It was named by Forbes as one of the top career websites. Founded by a woman for women the blog is an advocate for telecommuting and work from home jobs that empower women to balance their life.


15. Virtual Workspace

2017-03-01_13-01_Working remotely — Vorkspace.jpg

A blog covering virtual teams management and how to work effectively as a member of a distributed team. If you’re a member of a remote team you’ll find plenty of useful advice on the topic. Also, some great posts on productivity increase, time-management, best tools for the remote workers, etc.


16. WebWorkTravel


Blog found by Johannes Voelkner, a digital nomad and a founder of the WebWorkTravel and the Nomad Cruise. Here you can find info on how to become a digital nomad, the skills you need to work and travel, amazing countries you can visit on your next workation, etc.


17. Work From Home Happiness

2017-03-01_13-05_Work from Home Happiness.jpg

The founder of the blog, Ashlee Anderson, is positioning her blog as the one embracing the gig economy helping others to find happiness in working on their own terms. It will take you from the first steps into the remote job world (how to start looking for a job) to setting up your remote work hustles in the way that makes you happy.

Besides the blogs which have a complete focus on the remote work you can also find plenty of good information on the blogs which occasionally cover the topic, such as HubSpot or Zapier.

Have a good resource which we missed on our list? Pitch it to us, we’ll be happy to hear about it.