The good news is you will probably be working much of your adult life. The bad news is that lots of people hate their job. That's why we get to choose our field of study and career path. Can you imagine being forced into a job for which you have no interest or proficiency? If you are in a job right now that feels like you’re spinning your wheels, you may think that any career would be better than the one you chose. You can take control of that situation and improve your career trajectory by taking these steps.


Network and Networking


It’s all about who you know. Mingling may not be your strongest suit, but once you realize that everyone has feelings of awkwardness, go out there and talk to people. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so let them. Collect contact information on people you meet who interest you or who are in career positions that you would like to know more about. Follow up by going out for coffee or lunch. These are small time commitments that just about everyone can handle. You can start with people you know from school. At least you have a common background from which to launch. Science of People states that once you have made some networking contacts, you will have leads into organizations with potentially attractive openings.


Consider Getting a Master's Degree


MBAs can be a good option for people who want to study something different than their undergrad program. Villanova University explains that MBA degrees have a variety of specializations that can address certain areas you would want to advance in and plenty of networking opportunities. There are many different types of MBA programs available today. Consider an executive program, an intense one-year curriculum in a university on the other side of the country or an MBA schedule built around your full-time job.


Share Your Goals with Your Manager


The person in the office just across the hall from you may be the key to your next career move. Power Digital Marketing discusses how to let your boss know that you are interested in new projects and want to grow with the company. If your manager is willing to help you advance, you will probably know immediately. If your boss is not willing to mentor you, it’s probably good to know that, also.

You chose your career, and you own it. If you are dissatisfied in your current situation, take charge, and do something about it. The power is within you.