To get the right job, you'll need to have a marketable resume. Marketing yourself to the companies you would love to work for is never a simple task. 

Why would a recruiter choose one candidate over the other? How to attract the interest and increase the chances of getting hired?


In our connected world, the digital skills are essential for getting a job. Strange enough, the digital skills gap is reportedly widening pointing out that the digital skills and candidates have and the digital skills the employers need are anything but identical.


Which are the very basic computer literacy skills a candidate needs to have as a must depending on the area of interest?



Microsoft Office


A lot of companies utilize Microsoft Office or similar workplace software. Therefore, it's extremely beneficial if you're able to use these programs effectively. Being unfamiliar with them is a big disadvantage. These programs include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. In most cases, you won't need to have an in-depth knowledge of all of them but knowing the basics is a must. 





SQL training can prove to be a huge advantage to job seekers. Not only does adding this skill make your resume more marketable, but it can also help you earn a nice living. Statistics from Payscale found that the average data analyst earns $58,263 per year. With that in mind, many companies are utilizing SQL to adequately sort out their data. Therefore, recruiters hiring their company's next analysts often need workers with SQL knowledge.





Nearly every fast-growing company has some type of web presence. If you want to work in the world of web design, it's best to know HTML. Otherwise known as Hypertext Markup Language, HTML basically turns text into formatted web pages. While it might sound complicated, there are many ways to learn HTML. In addition, this language is commonly used to create websites across the world. This means that many employers are looking for workers and freelancers with HTML skills.


Adobe Photoshop


You'll often find many companies looking for workers with Adobe Photoshop skills. This program has been used for years to create and touch-up photos. As time continues, companies find more ways to utilize the power of Photoshop. If you're able to effectively use Photoshop, you can do everything from creating business cards to updating a website.

The digital skills make your resume marketable to employers. It's important to avoid merely stating that you're good with computers. Instead, you'll want to showcase specific digital skills that you've acquired. Matching your computer skills with those required for the respective role increases tremendously your chances of landing an interview.


Is it good to point out that you are proficient in Word if the role requires SQL?  We doubt it.


Most employers expect that the candidates know how to use essential office programs. It would come as a big surprise if a law student has no idea how to use Word. In addition, programming languages including HTML and SQL are so common that to stand out, a candidate will have to offer other skills that complement them.