If you’re a natural networker, you probably really enjoy being in the company of others. You are also likely interested in meeting new people and learning about them. These four types of employment offer the chance to exercise your networking skills.


1. Cruise Ship


You could work in virtually any capacity on a cruise ship and have ample opportunities to network. Cruise ship employees and passengers come from all over the world and all walks of life. And even though passengers are there to relax and play, most people are very happy to hand over their business card to others who are interested in networking. You could be personally responsible for helping to connect a diverse set of professionals. You could also advance your own career aspirations!


2. Distributor


If you enjoy networking and are good at it, you could be very successful as a distributor of goods or services. For example, Xyngular relies on people who like to network to help spread the word about their products and company values. As one of their distributors, you would bring together people who are interested in improving their health and well being. Your personal and professional network would grow as you become more successful in this job.


3. Convention Center


Convention centers are the hub of networking, especially large ones like the San Diego Convention Center for example. Professionals in a huge array of industries come from all around the globe to meet colleagues and peers, to learn about cutting-edge developments in the field and of course, to network. As a convention center employee, you would be at the center of a vast networking opportunity. You could make all kinds of connections that you could use to advance your own career, or you could use your position to help connect others who can benefit from the association.


4. Event Coordinator


Event coordinators also have lots of opportunities to network with a number of interesting people on a daily basis. As an event coordinator, whether for a company or an individual, you would help large groups come together to experience some kind of event such as a conference, celebration or reunion. Event coordinators excel by being able to bring together the right people and companies that make the event a success. If you love to network, chances are you might make a great event coordinator.

Networking requires a special set of skills and personal qualities. If you enjoy networking, these four places will offer you a great opportunity to utilize your natural talents and build a successful career!