To be a successful business, not only do you need a great product, you need your employees and clients to stay safe. While accidents will always happen, there are some things that you and your employees can do to create a safer environment. Here are a few safety concerns you need to stress with your employees.

Tools and Machines

Machines, like compactors, must be used with proper care. If a compactor has items in it that were not designed to be compressed, the machine can break. This can cause a financial wreck on small business. It can also cause an accident that can hurt other employees severely. Similarly, power tools must be used by their manufacturer’s user manual. If equipment becomes unusable, employees should follow the operating procedure and mark the equipment as broken and in need of repair. Broken or misused equipment is a significant hazard.

Emergency Exits

Although it might save space to put moveable equipment in front of an emergency exit, that is illegal, and it could be dangerous in the case of an emergency. These exits, however, can be unknowingly blocked during a busy day of work, especially if they are not clearly marked. To avoid this, make sure that the exits are clearly marked, your employees know where they are, and they know that they can’t ever leave anything in front of them.


Spills are probably one of the biggest problems that businesses deal with when it comes to accidents. Most people aren’t looking at the floor when they walk, whether they are in the main part of your business or the employee-only areas. Even if employees know to be careful, your customers most likely aren’t paying attention. According to Ahlander Injury Law, business have a duty to ensure the floors are safe, so make sure you take the proper precautions. Make sure any spills are cleaned up quickly, and wet floors are properly marked.

Working at Altitude

Ladder accidents constitute a major portion of workplace injuries. Proper ladder procedure should be followed to maintain safety. The proper procedure includes not over-reaching, respecting the maximum step you can stand on, and not leaving ladders set up in public areas. If an employee is using a ladder to move heavy things around, they should work with a partner to avoid overbalancing.

It’s important to focus on keeping your business safe for everyone who comes in. It’s not just your products that make up your success, it is also your reputation, and safety plays a big part in that.