When you need to hire new people, you want to hire the best people possible. But how do you find those people? Often, you can’t tell if someone is going to actually work out until you have seen them on the job, but there are some things you can do to give yourself a better chance of finding the right person.

What Other People Say

It can be annoying and time-consuming to contact references, but what a former co-worker or boss says about someone can tell you a lot about a person. No matter what they say and how they come off, a candidate isn’t going to tell you the bad things. And while they will probably give you references that portray themselves in a good light, it’s usually pretty easy to tell when someone is talking around a subject. Contacting references doesn’t mean you have to give them the job, so don’t hesitate if you have questions.

Also, check if the candidate has a personal blog or has left comments on other blogs and forums like Blogarama, Quora, etc. 

Candidate's Behaviour During the Interview

The way they conduct themselves during an interview says just as much about them as what they say during their interview. While body language is not a perfect indicator, someone who is very stiff and seems visually nervous may not be the best person. You should consider nerves, but finding someone who is confident without being too assertive usually works better for everyone.

Background Information

There are laws in place to protect people from discrimination based on background checks, there is some information that is fair game, and you should absolutely take advantage of that. Many companies, especially ones that require manual labor or machine operation, require their potential employees to take a drug test before they are hired. Not only can this tell you if they are current users, but there are various drug tests you can ask for that will give you a full picture of any past drug usage.. Not only do checks like these make sure the candidate is qualified, but it also protects your other employees and your business from potential accidents.

Educational Degrees

If you require a certain degree of education for the position, keep in mind that not all degrees and educational institutions are created equally. While the candidate doesn’t necessarily need to have attended an Ivy League school, you should make sure that their degree fits the requirements you have listed and that the school is accredited and has a good program for that degree. The diploma doesn’t matter nearly as much as the information and skills that were learned in pursuit of the diploma.

There are a lot of things that you can focus on when searching for the perfect job candidate, but don’t forget to focus on finding someone who can fit in with your company and can actually do the work you need them to. These tips will help you focus your search and find the perfect new employee.