Looking to take your career in a new direction in 2019? Or perhaps you are finishing high school and not sure what career path to take? Here are some interesting careers you may not have considered, along with some advice on how you can break into the industry and pursue a career in that area.


Take a look at our top 5 interesting careers to consider for 2019!


Marine Biologist


The world is putting increasing emphasis on the importance of its oceans, and the need to address the challenges facing the oceans at the moment. This means more opportunities for experts on relevant subjects, such as marine biologists.

Marine biologists study marine species and the ecosystems found in oceans. There are a number of subspecialties including aquaculture, marine ecology and fishery biology. To pursue this career you will need a relevant university degree, and it is advisable to pursue one or more internships while studying to gain hands-on experience.


Finance and FinTech


You may have an idea of the financial sector as stuffy and boring. However, in 2018 and heading into 2019 the financial services landscape is dynamic and constantly evolving. New technologies are developing all the time, most notable cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which makes this a fascinating and interesting industry to be involved in at the moment.

Jobs in this sector range from hedge fund and private equity analysts to compliance officers and risk analysts. There are many finance training courses available, with different options in terms of course length, subject area and prerequisite education.


Building and Construction


Do you enjoy creating things, and/or doing things with your hands? If so the building and construction industry may be for you. It is also one of the traditional sectors which continues to be strong with a high demand for workers, unlike the manufacturing industries which have seen a big hit in recent years thanks to outsourcing of labor overseas.

Like any trade, this requires specific skills so you will need to undertake the study. There are many building construction training courses available, which are generally conducted as part of an apprenticeship.


Copywriter/Content Writers


If you have a flair for writing, you could put it to use writing copy or content for businesses and organization. This could be anything from advertising and promotional materials to web content and blog articles. One of the greatest advantages of this type of role is that in many cases you can do this work completely remotely. This means you can work from anywhere: your living room in your pajamas, or from a beach on a tropical island!

To be hired as a copy or content writer it is preferable to have qualifications in writing or communications, although employers put the greatest emphasis on experience and most particularly published work. You will need to build up a portfolio of writing pieces you can use to demonstrate your skills preferably including work which has been published on reputable websites.


The rise of delivery apps like Deliveroo and Ubereats has opened up opportunities for independent bicycle delivery riders to deliver their orders. This can be a good option if you like to cycle or exercise in general, know how to get around your city and like dealing with customers. This career means being self-employed, and so comes with all the advantages (and disadvantages) of entrepreneurship: you can set your own hours, be your own boss and how much money you make will depend on how hard you work.

To become a delivery rider you will need to apply to companies such as Deliveroo and Ubereats as an independent contractor. The requirements will vary depending on the company, but generally, you will need to meet minimum age and riding experience requirements.


Whatever your skills and interests, there is a career path which will suit you. Furthermore, you can pursue any career you would like as long as you know how to get there. There are courses and approaches which will take you wherever you want to go. You just need to commit the time and the energy!