“Your organization cannot afford to make a potentially negligent hiring decision.”

~JD Palentine


The hiring process can be a tedious, brutal and downright unpleasant experience. What's worse is that even when you narrow down the list and make the final calls, it can still end up not working out. So how can you be sure that you're hiring the right candidate? 

Choose a "Shot Caller"

This is especially important if you're hiring someone for a management position. Look for someone who is willing to take responsibility for making a split decision. Even if the outcome isn't 100% great, taking initiative is good. You want people who won't need to speak to you every time a problem crops up. 


Find Someone Who Wants a Career

It's easy to find someone who wants to get paid to show up. You can hire them, train them, and pay them, and some people will only do the bare minimum just to skate by. Instead of just hiring someone who wants a paycheck, hire someone who wants a career. Career-minded people tend to work harder, longer. They also tend to stick with the company through thick and thin. 


Get a 'Feel' for the Candidate

You don't have to run an upscale business to have a company culture. Every company has its own vibe, and it's important that you hire someone who can fit with that vibe. Otherwise, you may find more trouble than not.


Check their References

This should seem like a no-brainer, but it's something that often gets overlooked. Always check their references when you're looking at job candidates. Just because they've held positions before doesn't mean that they'd be a good fit, or even that they can do a good job. Again - always check their references! 


Check Their Social Media

Similarly to checking their references, you should check a candidate’s social media. This includes everything from personal social media platforms to more professional-oriented ones. This can give you more about their interests and experiences than their resume, and it can give you an idea about their attitude when it comes to work. 

It's always important to make sure that the person you're hiring is qualified for the position, and you should have a clear idea of who and what you need. But it's also good to follow these 5 tips to help seal the deal and snag the right person right away. Good luck on your search for the perfect new hire!