With an increased number of virtual teams and remote jobs, offices nowadays are much different from what they used to be.


An office is not just a place anymore, but rather a space for creative exchange and mutual inspiration. It is where we come together to share a smile and enjoy a collaborative living.


Cubicles and boring white-walled rooms give way to more flexible and open co-working spaces. Using infographics as office murals is a new hype (we at InfoGraffiti have been getting a hefty number of requests for these recently!) and there is a good reason why. More than one actually: 


  • Visualizing key company information such as history, structure and mission would demonstrate to both employees and customers what your hustle is all about and fuel trust in the brand. Those core values you keep talking about - they don't have to be vague and abstract. Give them flesh, bone and image and make them live with you.
  • Creating a wall infographic that showcases key features of the company product/service can motivate and inspire current and future employees. Staff morale can also be boosted by displaying key achievements and goals.
  • Featuring success moments is old but gold. At the end of the day life is about moments to remember, isn't it? And the more you have them, the better the reason to display them properly.
  • Want to engage employees in a conversation – the walls can even help with that. Asking questions, you as a team care about and letting them answer with colored stickers is one way. Leaving sweets in named boxes and asking them to take from the ones that match their opinion is another. See, I told you walls can make people communicate.
  • Crafting area-specific images for dedicated activities - decorating the canteen with healthy nutrition facts, reminding your values and beliefs in meeting rooms, designating a space where employees can post their ideas, etc.

Whatever you decide to do, one thing is sure - your company office would feel much more welcoming and “funky” with a splash of colour and meaning. And if people are enjoying their surroundings, they are much more likely to stick around and enjoy what they are doing.


Photo credit: Cooolbox Office