When it comes to workers compensation benefits, there are tons of benefits that the average person doesn't even know exist. Education yourself about the lesser-known benefits so you can make sure you receive all the help you deserve.


Paid Recovery Time


Not only do injured workers receive benefits that pay directly towards medical expenses, but they also receive paid recovery time. This paid time is most commonly on a weekly basis and helps supplement income for a person who is incapable of working due to their injury.

Paid recovery time is considered a supplemental income because it usually consists of a portion of the normal wages a worker would obtain during a week. This benefit typically amounts to 66 percent of the standard pay, and it lasts up to two years.


Permanent Impairment


An extremely common outcome of workers compensation claims filed result in permanent impairment benefits payable to the employee. A permanent impairment is the result of an injury that's effect will typically last the length of a person's life.

Even small injuries can constitute as a payable claim under permanent impairment clauses. Any physical result of an accident that impairs a workers ability to perform a task can qualify as a permanent impairment.


Vocational Rehabilitation


If an employee needs to change their field of work or position due to injury, most states will allow for workers compensation benefits to pay towards training and education. That is great news for someone who sustains an accident which hinders their physical mobility.

For instance, if a factory worker suffered a back injury that affected their ability to stand for long periods performing their normal duties, benefits could allow for retraining as a forklift operator.


Death Benefits


Workers compensation benefits are highly regarded for their medical expense benefits, but in the even of fatality resulting from a work accident, death benefits may be available that mimic a normal life insurance policy.

These death benefits can include lump sum and final expense benefits. This can curve the cost of funeral expense to family members, and it may contribute to their well-being in the event of sudden tragedy. If you already have a life insurance policy, be sure to research your explanation of benefits to understand how workers compensation benefits would apply alongside your existing insurances.


Transportation Expenses


The least known or talked about benefits of workers compensation are probably transportation expense benefits. An employer must cover all expenses resulting from an injury, and that includes any travel expenses when treated for that injury.

Transportation expense is often overlooked. When specialized medical treatment requires multiple visits to various facilities, the cost of travel can add up very quickly.

Make sure to get *all* of your benefits

There are a lot benefits that most people may not be aware of. Benefits can even vary from state to state. Make sure you speak to a professional and understand exactly what you are entitled to.