I know. Sometimes life seems to be made in a funny/weird way. Like if it was coming directly out of Hell. Two simple options.

Stay there and give a cold stare at your life.

Change it.

Almost everything is temporary. Life is temporary. Sadness is temporary. Happiness can also be temporary.

Why should we stay in a life that does not suit us.

Why should we stay in a life if happiness is not part of it.

If your life is broken, that misfortune spit on you and that happiness has ran away …

This letter is for you.

The biggest decision

Not everything is possible. Chances are unequal. The truth is that there are rich people and poor people. If you are one of those who were lucky enough to be born in a peaceful country, think of those who are not that lucky.

Money should not lead my dreams, my ambitions.

Fear should not block my desires, my wishes.

Doubt should not mess around with my clean thoughts.

Why let them make a decision for you?

“Just make it work.”

It’s so easy (too easy, actually) to try to control everything, not to be guided (and charmed) by what life throws in our way. Experience has spoken for itself. The more I try to control, the more my life “crashes”. The more my life “crashes”, the more I have to let go.

Travelling, it can also mean surrender to the adventure. The “plans” will change … and change again later through meetings with the World, with the People.


Oh, I know it’s difficult to make decisions sometimes. I like to be 100% sure. The truth is that it is impossible to be completely sure. You need to stop, make a decision, and make it happen … and if you realize that you were wrong later, you could always take another one.

If your decision is to shake your world, burst your bubble and buy a plane ticket, these 5 steps to create a perfect timing could probably help you.

Meet the World

The World is so Big.

And so Little at the same time.


The plane that you are spotting in the sky (the one that makes you dream) is filled up with little humans who are about to meet a new horizon.

The World is full. Full of wonders, surreal effects, cultures and shocks.

The World does not give you a wrong impression. It offers you a pornographic collection of unique landscapes. It offers experiences out of your comfort zone that exceed the expectations of your own expectations.

The World reserves you a surprise.


Meet yourself

Who can humbly admit that they know themselves in all their angles and all their facets?

The World will be honoured to present you who you are.

[Dare.- A Broken Backpack] In the good and in the bad. Through adversity, discomfort and the time difference.

I promise you that you will fall in love with the World.

I promise you that you will fall in love with yourself.

I promise you that you will not regret the feeling …

… Of being so small in the middle of our big World,

… Of being so small and so big at the same time,

… Of spreading your joy by shouting that you are the king / the queen of the world.

Life is imperfect, so is the trip.  

This week, some travel bloggers will reveal their doubts. The nomadic lifestyle is inspiring and being a traveller means living an authentic life loaded with emotions. Stay tuned on Facebook!

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