The cost of being normal is way too high… and the price is steadily rising. Normal people follow directions their entire life, and as a result, end up living the same story as the person sitting in the classroom next to them. Normal people may have a “nice” job, live in a “nice” house, and build a loving family. Normal people need someone to create a schedule for them to come to work. Normal even need someone else (i.e. a “boss”) to set an annual salary for them to earn a living  This sets a cap on your own self worth! This may be a “respectable” way to live your life according to other normal people, but being a NORMAL person is no way to leave a legacy in your life.

I heard a great quote today that said, “You’ll find that in your early age you represent your parents, and in your later years you represent your children”.


My question to you is: As a normal person living a “normal” lifestyle, how will you guarantee that your children are able to surpass the lifestyle that you raised them under?


I want to share with you a concept I learned about successful people in the world today… Truly successful people are NOT normal! There’s a difference between successful people and TRULY successful people – The truly successful are able to live their lives freely and naturally – plain and simple. These abnormal successful people are not tied up by time and/or money issues, and they are free to roam the world freely because they don’t have a “job” or a boss to report to. The money they earn for themselves is on a whole different level compared to the normals..


Freaks, Geeks, and Uniques

To be honest with you, the people who go the farthest in life tend to fall into one of these categories: Freaks, Geeks, or Uniques.



Chances are you’re a freak if you always seem to stand out, or not fit in anywhere “normal”. This is a great thing! It means that you’re most likely an outside the box thinker. Don’t take me calling you a freak the wrong way….. These kinds of thinkers are usually the one’s who pursue their highest passion, such as: Musicians, actors and actresses, performers, and the entertainers of the world. You are one of a kind if you consider yourself a freak! Embrace it. You’re not meant to live a normal life.



The “G” word has become more played out than wearing baggy clothes to a teenage party… (for example, haha…). At this point, the world is knee deep in its transition into the information age! Which means geeks are the probably the ones most likely to become rich. It’s always been this way. Some famous geeks include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg….. and tons of others who have gotten rich under the radar. The geeks and nerds of the world have single handedly revolutionized the way you live your life! From the discovery of how to harness electricity, to the creation of the internet and social media.



The uniques are the thought leaders of the world. Not only that, but these are the ones who are conscious of their creative space in the universe.. They have a way of demanding the world to manifest whatever dreams they wish to come true. They seem to be in a conversation with the Universe, and the Universe seems to be on their payroll. The space between them being inspired to start something, and it becoming a movement or tribe or company is so fast that it makes you dizzy. Sometimes, uniques make the process of attracting wealth look effortless. It’s like they’re just playing a game, and getting paid for it.. And maybe they are, huh?


Make a Deal With Yourself

These Freaks, Geeks, and Uniques are everywhere in the world around you. Yoou can find them as outliers in a world full of normals. And the funny thing is,  no human being on this earth is ACTUALLY a normal. We’ve simply been conditioned to think we’re “normal”.. Everyone has a certain degree of evolutionary progress they’ve made mentally and spiritually, which is why some people are more aware of their need to become more than what society has taught them to be. But as society moves forward and continues to advance, more and more minds are awakening to what life is truly about, and who their larger purpose is.


To put things simply, it’s important that we all strive to become the “greatest version of ourselves”. You have too much to lose by remaining normal.



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-Henry Ward

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