Whether you need inspiration for your next trip or you’re short on cash and can only travel by Internet, you can be transported to faraway lands by the best female travel blogs.


We've read through the many, many blogs out there by female travelers to choose the ones that are worth your time. These updated blogs cover tips for solo travelers, unique vacation ideas, detailed itineraries and some amazing photographs and videos. Some bloggers use their web space to chronicle their moves in online journals, making it so you can follow along with them to destinations you may never get a chance to visit. And others use the mishaps and misadventures they've been on to share their lessons learned - so that your next trip will be more successful than theirs.

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Pack your bags. You're about to travel far and wide with the best female travel bloggers the Internet has to offer.

  • My Itchy Travel Feet


    For nearly a decade, Donna has been traveling domestically and internationally and sharing her photos and stories so other Boomer travelers know what to expect.

    Why My Itchy Travel Feet is a Top Female Travel Blog: Extensive guides for Baby Boomers to adventures and locations around the world.

    Read: Glacier National Park Hikes
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  • World of Wanderlust


    Brooke writes about travel and culinary adventures to inspire other women to have their own global adventures.

    Why World of Wanderlust is a Top Female Travel Blog: Brooke's photos are amazing and highlight the beauty of everywhere she travels.

    Read: The Absolute Best Things to do in Tasmania
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  • The Travel Hack


    A team of 10 travelers prove that stylish and luxury travel can still happen on a budget.

    Why The Travel Hack is a Top Female Travel Blog: A wide variety of perspectives from different types of female travelers provides reviews and tips for all sorts of destinations.

    Read: The Philippines: The Destination You Never Knew You Needed to Visit
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  • Hole in the Donut


    It took a life-threatening illness for Barbara to realize that what brought her the most joy was travel - now she's on the road full-time and sharing her interesting stories.

    Why Hole in the Donut is a Top Female Travel Blog: Stunning photos, travel advice, and must-know tips before you head to a new region.

    Read: Words of Gratitude from a Grateful Recovering Alcoholic
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  • Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler


    Travel brings meaning to Alexandra's life, which she fills with epic adventures, crazy stories, and other travel tips.

    Why Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler is a Top Female Travel Blog: A great mix of extreme adventures and serene cultural experiences.

    Read: Best 11 Places to Eat Vegan and Vegetarian in Tel Aviv
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  • Breathedreamgo


    With a focus on life-changing travel, Mariellen shares stories and inspiration for authentic travel experiences.

    Why Breathedreamgo is a Top Female Travel Blog: Experience a deeper look at the culture of destinations around the world, especially India.

    Read: Why You Should Travel, Even If You're Scared
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  • C'est Christine


    Christine quit her job to have amazing experiences around the world, from exploring new places to finding new cultures.

    Why C'est Christine is a Top Female Travel Blog: Christine shares the ups and downs of solo female travel, along with beautiful pictures and travel tips.

    Read: The Best of South Africa
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  • A Lady in London


    A photographer and traveler, the author has visited 102 countries and shares advice and gorgeous pictures.

    Why A Lady in London is a Top Female Travel Blog: Great advice on packing lists and how to plan for trips large and small.

    Read: 8 Secrets of Blarney Castle
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  • Packing my Suitcase


    Traveling is Allane's school - she has lived in five countries, learned five languages, and is currently trying to master German.

    Why Packing my Suitcase is a Top Female Travel Blog: Tips for Formula 1 races around the world and great packing tips.

    Read: 20 Photos to Fall in Love with Munich
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  • Solitary Wanderer


    Since taking her first solo trip at age 11, Aleah has become an expert on traveling by herself and shares her best safety and destination advice.

    Why Solitary Wanderer is a Top Female Travel Blog: Get location-specific solo traveler tips and reviews of new places to visit.

    Read: 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Palawan
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  • Girl Gone Travel


    Carol incorporates travel into her life as much as she can. Whether she goes with a friend, her husband, or her kids, she wants to inspire everyone to find their adventure.

    Why Girl Gone Travel is a Top Female Travel Blog: Great stories for all kinds of travel, both domestic and international, with a focus on family travel.

    Read: Girlfriends Getaway to Lake Placid
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  • GRRRL Traveler


    On a mission to empower all solo travelers to find their ""Grrrr,"" Christine shares stories and tips for navigating diversity, new cultures, and unexpected travel issues.

    Why GRRRL Traveler is a Top Female Travel Blog: Christine offers survival guides and packing tips for destinations around the world.

    Read: 18 Top Things to Do in Istanbul
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  • Beyond Blightly


    Arianwen is constantly doing things that scare her, from traveling the world solo to having extreme adventures in every country.

    Why Beyond Blightly is a Top Female Travel Blog: Special sections on scuba diving and responsible tourism.

    Read: Island Hopping in El Nido: Tours A and C
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  • Sophie's World


    Sophie has lived in three countries and visited more than 100. Her favorite feeling is getting off the plane in a new place and getting to explore.

    Why Sophie's World is a Top Female Travel Blog: Sophie's travel journals include cultural and historical details, as well as travel tips to make the visit easier.

    Read: Thai Massage Bangkok
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  • More Time to Travel


    Irene was a psychologist and health journalist for decades before becoming a travel writer and blogger - she shares tips on traveling after age 50.

    Why More Time to Travel is a Top Female Travel Blog: A great guide for Baby Boomer travel, from domestic to international locations, including cruises and spas.

    Read: Unwinding at the Spa at Torrey Pines
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  • So Many Places


    Kim and her husband gave up everything to travel the world. They spent years backpacking across the U.S. and the world and now travel whenever they can with their new baby.

    Why So Many Places is a Top Female Travel Blog: Adventurous travel stories with new posts about traveling with a baby.

    Read: She's Here!
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  • Girl vs Globe


    Sabina grew up in various places around the world; she now travels the world full-time and writes about it to inspire and educate others.

    Why Girl vs Globe is a Top Female Travel Blog: Advice targeted at female travelers, with specific locations and tips around the world.

    Read: The Most Romantic Town in Northern England
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  • Ashley Abroad


    Ashley moved to Paris right after college and has spent years working and traveling around the world. She writes about great culture, food, and experiences.

    Why Ashley Abroad is a Top Female Travel Blog: Great travel tips and inspiration to see the world.

    Read: My Favorite Jordan Experience: Petra by Night and Day
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  • Vicky Flip Flop Travels


    Vicky fits her love of travel into her everyday life and wants to inspire others with confidence to do the same.

    Why Vicky Flip Flop Travels is a Top Female Travel Blog: Great tips on attending global festivals, finding cool hotels, and making travel work with your schedule and budget.

    Read: The Joy of ""Blogging for Pleasure"" vs. What Magazines Get Paid
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  • Flora the Explorer


    Flora has spent years volunteering and traveling around the world; her blog is full of stories of her adventures and misadventures.

    Why Flora the Explorer is a Top Female Travel Blog: Get an honest look at solo female travel and be entertained and inspired by Flora's stories.

    Read: The Tiny Latvian Town with 800 Years of History
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  • Katie Aune


    A "recovering attorney," Katie has a goal to run a marathon on every continent. She took a career break to travel in 2011-12. She recently started her dream job and fits in travel as much as she can.

    Why Katie Aune is a Top Female Travel Blog: Inside looks on worldwide running, outdoor adventures, and balancing work and travel.

    Read: How I Finally Landed My Dream Job
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  • My Adventures Across the World


    With a love of travel that started as a child, Claudia crosses the world backpacking and meeting new people. She shares her honest thoughts on her blog.

    Why My Adventures Across the World is a Top Female Travel Blog: Claudia offers travel inspiration and honest commentary about travel issues.

    Read: Things to do in Argentina
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  • Unbrave Girl


    Sally is a scaredy-cat who has pushed herself past her fears to live and travel abroad alone so she can experience all the world has to offer.

    Why Unbrave Girl is a Top Female Travel Blog: Inspiration for fearful solo travelers and lots of tips on solo backpacking expeditions.

    Read: 5 Reasons We Need to Stop Women they Shouldn't Travel Alone
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  • Nomadness Travel Tribe


    Evita started a community of urban, Millennial solo travelers to share their experiences and advice through words and videos.

    Why Nomadness Travel Tribe is a Top Female Travel Blog: Honest travel experiences from a variety of perspectives. The blog isn't just geared toward women - it's for all travelers.

    Read: Evita's Annual Year in Review 2015
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  • Chasing the Unexpected


    Angela digs deep into other countries' cultures and history to get the full story of her unique adventures.

    Why Chasing the Unexpected is a Top Female Travel Blog: Travel stories and tips from off-the-beaten-path locations and unique cultural stories.

    Read: 9 Iranian Artists Challenge Mainstream Image of Iran
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  • The Quirky Traveller


    When she travels, Zoe looks at things from a different angle and finds quirky experiences, unique adventures, and new people.

    Why The Quirky Traveller is a Top Female Travel Blog: A mixture of history, art, culture, and unique adventure.

    Read: Enjoy 24 Hours in Vancouver, Canada
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  • This Battered Suitcase


    Brenna has visited nearly 90 countries and loves to share her stories to inspire others to travel.

    Why This Battered Suitcase is a Top Female Travel Blog: Inspirational posts to encourage readers to travel.

    Read: The Danger of Someone Else's Dream
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  • Bitten by the Travel Bug


    Nicole creates her own unique style of travel by combining luxury, adventure, and culture into one-of-a-kind trips around the world.

    Why Bitten by the Travel Bug is a Top Female Travel Blog: Fascinating cultural stories and experiences, plus general travel tips.

    Read: Is This America's Most Beautiful University Campus?
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  • Cheryl Howard


    Canadian-born Cheryl quit her job and fell in love with Berlin, where she lives and travels as much as she can. She hopes her blog will inspire others to live a life full of travel and adventure.

    Why Cheryl Howard is a Top Female Travel Blog: Learn about expat life, working in Europe, and other travel tips and inspiration.

    Read: Experience Thailand through the Trang Islands
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  • Bucket List Journey


    Annette travels, owns a restaurant, and collects the best experiences possible. She's out to show that fear doesn't have to overpower your desire and need to travel.

    Why Bucket List Journey is a Top Female Travel Blog: Adventure advice, inspiration, and packing and planning advice geared towards women.

    Read: Do a Pub Crawl Along the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland
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  • The Boho Chica


    For Natasha, travel is a life-enriching experience. She tries to meet as many people and experience as many cultures as she can.

    Why The Boho Chica is a Top Female Travel Blog: Great tips on the best cuisine, culture, and hiking trails around the world.

    Read: Top Things to do in Queenstown New Zealand
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  • Caroline in the City


    An advocate of slow travel, Caroline spends time in each place she goes for new experiences and culture.

    Why Caroline in the City is a Top Female Travel Blog: Caroline offers great recaps and itineraries for domestic and international locations.

    Read: Visiting (Surprisingly Hip) Augusta, Georgia
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    Risk-taker Kristen travels the world looking for adventure and making videos of her experiences.

    Why HOPSCOTCH THE GLOBE is a Top Female Travel Blog: Get inspired to have adventures and visit new places with Kristen's beautiful videos and travel guides.

    Read: Holiday Gift Guide for Travel
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  • Seattle's Travels


    Canadian-born Seattle traveled full-time for four years and now fits it in whenever she can. She loves geographically unique places of adventure and beauty.

    Why Seattle's Travels is a Top Female Travel Blog: Everything from reviews to travel tips and guides for traveling alone.

    Read: How to Spend a Day at Pigeon Point Beach
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  • Third Eye Mom


    A mom with a love for travel, this blog show how she maintains her curiosity for the world and shares the importance of new cultures and issues with her children.

    Why Third Eye Mom is a Top Female Travel Blog: Beautiful travel reviews, stories, and inspiration to do good around the world.

    Read: The Power of Five: How Amway is Beating Malnutrition Around the World
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  • Helen in Wonderlust


    In her early 20s, Helen quit her job to travel to Africa and travel like a local. She fell in love and has had epic adventures and cultural experiences that she shares on her blog.

    Why Helen in Wonderlust is a Top Female Travel Blog: A great resource for travel to Africa, as well as solo female travel tips and itineraries for other regions.

    Read: Is North Wales the New Adventure Capital of the World?
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  • Emily Luxton Travels


    Emily's goal is to have deeper, more intelligent travel, which takes different forms depending on where she is. Her blog shares her adventures and ways to enrich the travel experience.

    Why Emily Luxton Travels is a Top Female Travel Blog: Tips for planning, adventure and luxury travel, and on how to have a deeper experience.

    Read: Paris Off the Beaten Path
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  • Glamour Granny Travels


    Lots of Baby Boomer females want to travel but don't know how. That's where Inka comes in - she shares her adventures as a traveling granny and gives tips for safe female Boomer travel.

    Why Glamour Granny Travels is a Top Female Travel Blog: Unique posts on fashion travel, safety, and being an older traveler.

    Read: A Guided Tour of Jelenia Gora
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  • Voyager for Life


    Indian travel blogger Renuka loves to take pictures and write about her world travels.

    Why Voyager for Life is a Top Female Travel Blog: Honest feedback about travel news and destinations.

    Read: Monopoli in 35 Photos
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  • Blonde Gypsy


    European expert Larissa blogs about travel, photos, and culture with her knowledge of European arts.

    Why Blonde Gypsy is a Top Female Travel Blog: Get secrets to unique European destinations and how to get the best understanding of culture in the region.

    Read: Things to do in Gjakova, Western Kosovo
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  • Cosmos Mariners


    Natalie describes herself as a nomadic homebody - someone who loves to travel, but also loves coming home. She shares cultural tips and budget travel ideas on a blog with smarts.

    Why Cosmos Mariners is a Top Female Travel Blog: Go deeper on common travel topics and get great budget tips.

    Read: 5 Secret Must-See Italian Locations
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  • Tripwellgal.com


    A lover of regional cuisines, natural beauty, and offbeat destinations, Elaine loves to share her travel stories and wild experiences.

    Why Tripwellgal.com is a Top Female Travel Blog: Useful travel tips and cuisine recommendations.

    Read: A California Beach Adventure in Oceanside
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  • Ali's Adventure


    After achieving her goal of traveling to all seven continents before age 30, Ali moved to Berlin to get better access to the region.

    Why Ali's Adventure is a Top Female Travel Blog: Honest reviews of accommodations, budgets, and activities

    Read: Where to Stay in Central America
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  • Smart Women Travelers


    Whether it's for work or pleasure, this blog helps women balancing life at home and life on the road with practical travel and packing tips and destination guides.

    Why Smart Women Travelers is a Top Female Travel Blog: A community of women share their best tips to make travel easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

    Read: Worried About an Airline Losing Your Luggage? Follow My Tried and True Success Tips
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  • That Adventurer


    Hannah climbed Mount Vesuvius at age 6 and isn't one to back down from a challenge, no matter how extreme or unique it may be. Her adventurous spirit has taken her around the world for some wild rides.

    Why That Adventurer is a Top Female Travel Blog: Hannah provides guides to great food from various regions, as well as adventure and general travel tips.

    Read: 10 Things to do in Slovenia
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  • Journalist on the Run


    Experienced journalist Janet brings her readers stories from her solo travel abroad to show what travel is really like.

    Why Journalist on the Run is a Top Female Travel Blog: Janet interviews other solo travelers, addresses current issues, and introduces readers to great solo destinations and experiences.

    Read: 50 Unique Things to do in Ireland
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  • Lash World Tour


    Lash has been traveling the world for more than 18 years and shares her best photos, stories, and tips from her adventurous and quirky adventures.

    Why Lash World Tour is a Top Female Travel Blog: A wealth of knowledge, readers can search the blog by destination, travel tips or photo gallery, or peruse it for broader tips and stories.

    Read: Cost of Budget Travel in Belize in 2016
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  • Travel Junkie


    TV personality Julia has traveled to all seven continents and seen everything from the depths of the ocean to the tops of mountains.

    Why Travel Junkie is a Top Female Travel Blog: Julia shares travel inspiration and her top tips for turning travel dreams into reality.

    Read: Surf's Up in Maui: Surf Camp for Adults in Hawaii
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  • The Pin the Map Project


    Passionate about writing and travel, Nikki set out to create her own career and has paved the way for solo female travel.

    Why The Pin the Map Project is a Top Female Travel Blog: Nikki shares destination advice and packing and photography tips to make the most of your travel experiences.

    Read: What Not to Miss in Morocco
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  • Lines of Escape


    Always wanting a life of adventure, Kasha uprooted and moved to London to explore and travel as much as she can. Her travel covers a variety of locations and genres.

    Why Lines of Escape is a Top Female Travel Blog: Highlights of Kasha's unique adventures, festivals and events, and rich cultural experiences.

    Read: Why Hull Should be on Your Travel Radar
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  • Ferreting Out the Fun


    Heather once set a goal to visit 20 countries in her life - she exceeded that goal and now lives in Latvia for all sorts of travel and cultural experiences.

    Why Ferreting Out the Fun is a Top Female Travel Blog: Heather blogs with an open mind and an adventurous spirit in her travel journals and reviews.

    Read: Two Weeks in Croatia: The Highlights
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  • Traveller Soul


    Karla is a serial expat who has lived in six countries and who blogs about her misadventures, culture, and global cuisine.

    Why Traveller Soul is a Top Female Travel Blog: Beautiful pictures from her travels, plus resources to be a well-rounded traveler and blogger.

    Read: Everything You Need to Know About Parador Resort and Spa in Costa Rica
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  • The Picktures Travel Photolog


    Zof travels the world with her camera in hand as she experiences new cultures and learns about global issues on a budget.

    Why The Picktures Travel Photolog is a Top Female Travel Blog: Beautiful photos and tips for solo female travelers from less-traveled parts of the world.

    Read: Armenian FAQ: Answering Readers' Questions
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  • Dream Explore Wander


    Part-time nomad Aggy loves to explore the world with a<