When you're selling a product that you may believe in, you likely want to attract customers and boost sales. However, gaining a competitive advantage is always a challenge. If you're going to make your product stand out in a crowded market, there are a few main tips to follow.


Create Unique Ads


The ads that are used to market your product will determine if customers are interested in what you're selling and if they'll consider buying the item. Create unique ads that are unconventional compared to what your competitors are doing. Think outside of the box and communicate the benefits of the product. Make audiences feel something when they see your ads. Make them laugh, make them feel nostalgic or sentimental, pump them up and make them feel energized. It’s also a good idea to have a clear USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Good examples of this are: Head & Shoulders: “You get rid of dandruff”, FedEx: “When your package absolutely, positively has to get there overnight.”, M&Ms: “Melt in your mouth, not in your hand.”, etc.

Source: TargetPublic.com


Get Feedback From Customers


Consider getting feedback from customers to determine how satisfied they are with the product and if any improvements need to be made. You can send out questionnaires and ask for their reviews to determine if any adjustments are needed to ensure that the item is more desirable and functional.


Use the Right Packaging


The packaging may be used to secure and protect your product, but it should also be used as a way to make your item stand out. Consider using bold color shades or a unique design that makes the product recognizable and easy to identify. Similarly, you can keep the design simple will appeal to customers and will appear more professional. The design should be relevant and trendy without appearing cluttered to ensure that it appears to have more value. You also want the information presented on your product to be easily found and read. People don’t like having to fight a product in their search for what it does, how it can help, how to use it, or any other essential information.

Source: JansyPKG.com

Knowing your target audience is necessary when designing the packaging. Consider the demographic and age group of the customers you're trying to reach to ensure that the packaging is appealing, even if it's designed for kids.

You can also consider changing the packaging of your items in each season to make it more appealing and current.


Remain Relatable


Customers want to be understood by the companies that they're purchasing products from, making it necessary to remain relatable with the verbiage and language that you use in both your ads and on the packaging. Remain relatable and communicate similarly to how you would talk to the customers in person. Make it clear that you relate to their wants and needs and why the product is important to improve the quality or convenience of their life.


Use the Right Imagery


You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of customers who are shopping for new items and glance at your product on the shelf. You'll need to use a clear and high-quality image of the product that you're selling and how it can be used. Avoid using too many words on the box, which customers won't spend time reading as they're browsing. How can you illustrate what your product does? How can you show how it helps the consumer? What images do you want associated with your brand? Start from there and work your way towards a great design.

Source: Canva.com


Look for Ways to Be Different


Consider looking for ways that you can be different from the competition to ensure that you stand out. Don't be afraid to break the rules and test out different marketing techniques to make yourself original.


Consider the Environment


Brands that are willing to experiment with creative packaging designs as a way to cut waste are always a step ahead of their competition. More customers are becoming more selective about what they purchased based on how much packaging that is used as an attempt to reduce their personal waste. Consider ways to eliminate waste and showcase the product without using as much material on the exterior of the item, which will appeal to those who are eco-friendly. You can also use recycled paper and limit how much plastic that is used to ensure that you make less of an impact on the environment as you continue to manufacture the item.

Source: TripWireMagazine.com


Tell a Story


Telling a story to your audience can allow the product to have more meaning and significance. Whether you're discussing the background of the company or are telling a story of the product on the back of your packaging, your customers will relate more to the company if they know more about its history. Connecting with your customers is crucial to ensure that they stay loyal to the company, which can easily be achieved with storytelling to ensure that they understand the value and significance of your product.

Knowing how to make your product stand out on the market or in a store will allow you to take simple steps that lead to more sales. Knowing your audience will make it easier to improve the quality of the product and allow it to have a high level of appeal.

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