Business owners frequently find themselves in a quandary preparing annual budgets for travel related expenses. For many companies, business travel is unavoidable even in today's e-commerce and e-communication business environment where remote working is a common practice.

The importance of direct interface with customers, suppliers, and other vendors helps deter misunderstandings and makes it easier for businesses to learn more about specific customer needs.


Finding Business Travel Solutions You Might Have Overlooked





When it comes to business travel, travel planning software applications are a valuable business investment. This saves quite a bit of the cost of planning and scheduling. In addition, travel planning software offers greater flexibility for airline flights and accommodations.

Businesses also need to study airline flight routes that incorporate usual business travel locations and allow for adding other locations without additional expense.


Business Travel Planning


Part of business travel includes advance planning. For example, if businesses are regular patrons of trade shows and trade events outside of their local area, planning should be done well in advance of the actual dates of these events.

Business travel planning should be done by business owners or a specified member or staff, such as an office manager or in-house travel agent.

For staff members that are the most involved in business travel, provide company policies on travel reservations and mobile device bookings which are not included in travel itineraries. If staffers require reimbursements for unexpected travel costs, this should be addressed in travel policies.


Reducing Costs of Business Housing




Many businesses require long-term travel. For example, sales and marketing staff of international companies should review options in overseas housing accommodations.

If there is a regular business in France, for instance, consider leasing housing for staffing who will be working in several French cities for more than a month. This reduces housing costs compared to renting in hotels.

The use of corporate housing for longer business travel can also be included in annual budgets. Corporate housing is useful for visiting clients. Providing corporate housing during their stay encourages goodwill between businesses and clients and creates positive word of mouth advertising.

On some occasions, the use of a hospitality networks such as the INternational Travelers Community could be very beneficial to members of your staff who frequently travel and could save you additional costs.

Business owners should maintain contact with traveling staff to know actual and projected travel status. This is a solution to the problem of unnecessarily lengthy business trips.


In summation, the major objectives for business solutions you haven't thought of should include:


. Advance travel planning

. Collection of travel data to determine costs per trip

. Adding corporate housing as a budget line item

. Maintain contact with staff traveling on business



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