Let me tell you a quick story...

...about a social conscious businessman named Steve.

Steve didn’t want to remain passive when it came to making the world a better place to live. He wanted to take an active part in helping to improve conditions for others, while at the same time, optimize his own processes and business needs.  


Steve was the real deal. He really cared and sincerely wanted to be a socially responsible employer who made a difference.

Overall, Steve was pretty happy with his life... until one fateful day.

You see, Steve had many open roles to fill in his company, but he just couldn’t seem to find the right talent anywhere close. 

The problem was this: regular, in-house jobs were not easy to fill and resulted in many extra costs-- relocation expenses, administrative costs, recruitment costs, training, incidentals... etc.... well, you get the picture.


And this really HURT his business because it meant roles were left open longer, further increasing costs, creating the need to find overseas workers, and again, multiplying costs and adding to an already difficult immigration situation.




The in-house roles were not filled in a timely manner, thus, productivity suffered!

To make things even worse...

And although it wasn’t true, Steve got all caught up in the common misconception of the difficulty in transforming a regular job into a remote job.


The more Steve looked at his situation, the more bleak it became..

For the first time in his life, Steve felt hopeless.

One day, when things looked darkest and he was on the verge of giving up in finding a solution, Steve ran into an old business colleague, Kate; and they made a appointment for tea to catch up.

Steve looked forward to his tea with Kate; it would, at the very least, get his mind off of his troubles.

At tea, Kate noticed Steve was distracted. After some coaxing, she got Steve to open up.

Kate listened carefully as Steve went on about his difficult situation. When he finished, Kate leaned back in her chair, smiled, and simply said three words...



...from Transformify

This is exactly what Steve needed and, like magic, he found what he’d been looking for...

Kate told Steve how the “Remote Jobs Platform” revolutionized her own business....


And since she started using the platform, things couldn’t be better...

...and Kate couldn’t be happier!

Kate told Steve how the Remote Jobs Platform saved her a ton of money; and because of Transformify’s unique service, working with the right independent contractors not only added revenue to her business with greater ROI, it was also a socially responsible decision, which contributed to welfare and benefit of UK citizens.

At last, Steve found what he'd been looking for discovered how to hire the right independent contractors, regardless of their location.

Steve learned to “FILLET” with the Remote Jobs Platform and discovered how to...

Fill open work roles quickly while minimizing costs.
Increase his return on investment dramatically by boosting productivity and lower overall cost and expense.
Let Transormify consolidate numerous and varied contractors in a single contract. Transformify is a UK legal entity and your invoice can be customized to fit your business needs.
Lead the way in promoting social responsibility in business for the good of the local community and the nation at large.

Effectively help manage unemployment driven immigration, curb carbon emissions, the balance between overcrowded cities and abandoned rural areas.
Take full control of his business with a socially responsible platform that really works. Independent contractors were paid only after Steve approved the payments. Cheap and easy payments are made to almost every country around the world via Transformify platform.

So, as you can see, this story has a happy ending for Steve...

...yet, in the end, it wasn’t really magic at all, just the right tools and advice and, more importantly, he put them to good use.


Transformify’s Remote Jobs Platform was Steve’s “Secret Weapon” to success!

And best of all, Steve was able to see the jobs he listed from Remote Jobs Platform in less than an hour from posting the jobs.

So if you want to be like Steve, understand this:

Boost your business while doing something great for the society. It’s quick, easy and so very affordable. Your clients will especially appreciate it and so will society at large.

Optimize your cash flow and minimize costs while enhancing and promoting your brand and be seen as a socially responsible business 

interested in building a better society. Get the jump on your competitors.
Let technology work for you to gain the competitive advantage. Fill in open roles quickly, boost your productivity and crush the competition with this savvy resource.
There’s also a Money Back Guarantee so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Contact Transformify Today!

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It’s almost like magic!