EventTrix, an event and hospitality management online training source, joins global #GoRemote campaign as a sponsor providing one of the main prizes.

As a part of the Big prize the winner of the Best Video category will be offered a 12-months subscription to all the courses offered by EventTrix. He/she will be able to choose the topics that are of interest and take the courses anytime the winner feels like it during the year. It’s possible to complete the course from anywhere as long as there’s a connection to the Internet.

Besides, EventTrix will offer a voucher for a free course “Networking Events Organiser”to each of the participants of #GoRemote campaign. They’ll be able to acquire the skill which they can apply regardless of the location, being in any country and any continent.

All of the EventTrix courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards -www.icoes.org, which ensures the highest educational standards. So far EventTrix has educated over 50,000 students and 94% of them rated the courses as being good, very good or excellent. Online education gives students a chance to study at their own place from the comfort of their home. The courses are available day and night and can be accessed from a PC, laptop/tablet or mobile device.

Both, EventTrix and Transformify share a similar vision on the importance of education in the future career development and expanding the education opportunities with making it available remotely. Both companies are getting together to empower more students across the globe, increase their chances for employment and help them to succeed as professionals.  

About EventTrix

EventTrix offers event and hospitality management online training courses. It’s a perfect fit for people who are looking for a truly exciting career that can take them anywhere in the world. This comprehensive collection of specific skills, practical tips, and inside trade secrets was designed for opportunities in the hospitality industry.