Holly and Hugo, online courses source which offers training in careers with animals, joins global #GoRemote campaign providing a free course to all the participants.

Holly and Hugo provides free “Careers with Animals” course to all the participants of the #GoRemote contest to help those who love taking care of the furry friends learn how to do it professionally and earn a living with it.

At Holly and Hugo, a crazy love for animals led to the collection of hands-on courses devoted to adorable pets and their owners. They were created to help all the pets to be well cared for and to live with their humans harmoniously. Taking Holly and Hugo courses helps to learn how to expertly care for your loyal, furry friends, large and small.

Until now, Holly and Hugo has educated over 30,000 happy students, 90% of them have graded the courses from good to excellent. All the courses offered are accredited by ICOES. Students get to learn the skills they are most interested in any time when it’s comfortable for them, having a laptop, tablet or a mobile device connected to the Internet at hand.

Together Holly and Hugo and Transformify will be distributing the information about the #GoRemote campaign to a greater number of young people who could be interested in this opportunity. They will be able to show their talents via #GoRemote entries and acquire the skills they need at the same time. Especially, this chance would be of interest to those students and millennials who enjoy taking care of animals and would love to make it their future profession.

About Holly and Hugo

Holly and Hugo’s courses have been structured, with clear explanations, pictures, and video tutorials that help the students train in the procedures and techniques they will use when looking after many different breeds of dog, cats and other pets. Starting with a Dog Grooming compiled by Tolo Vicens, a professional dog groomer with 20 years experience, Holly and Hugo now offer a variety of different courses and already educated more than 30, 000 students.