The code of professional responsibility or conduct that governs the manner in which a lawyer may advertise his or her services provides some fairly tight restrictions marketing efforts. It can be difficult to find all the work that you want, whether you are a new lawyer or you have been established for a while and are looking for some freelance work. With this in mind, there are some strategies that you can utilize to find more work as a legal professional.

Make Presentations

Lawyers commonly are in demand when it comes to presentations and the need for speakers. Groups, organizations, conferences, and conventions are always on the lookout for qualified, engaging speakers on a variety of topics. You can participate in providing presentations and making speeches which allows you to display your talents to an audience that may include members who are currently in need of legal assistance or may require such professional intervention at a point in time in the future. When speaking, you don’t need to focus only on legal matters, which can widen your appeal.

Sponsor Events or Activities

Another strategy you can employ to boost up your client list is to sponsor community events or activities. This can be a rather simply objective to accomplish. For example, if there is a charitable golf tournament planned in your community, you can do something as simple as sponsoring a hole in the tournament. This allows you to put your name out there while helping out with a great cause. You could also sponsor local sports teams or contribute to fundraisers. These don’t have to be big commitments, but they can make a huge difference.

Connect to a Network

Word of mouth is a powerful way to increase your clients and the best way to get that word of mouth reference is to get involved in networks. There are legal networks that will steer businesses and individuals to you, or you can get involved in networks that focus on your specialties. For instance, if you practice a lot of business law, try to get to know local business owners.

Write a Blog

Although a blog may seem like something aa cliché, the stark reality is that blogging can prove to be an invaluable strategy through which you can gain more publicity. The key to making a blog a successful marketing tool is to keep up to date. You can post at least once or twice a week on topics relating to your areas of practice or legal news.

There are a lot of different ways that you can get your name out there, without violating your code of conduct. Use these ideas to brainstorm a list of things that sound appealing to you and go from there.


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