Cross Border Talents Academy is part of the Cross Border Talents Group and has been nominated a Horizon 2020 SME Champion by the European Commission with the Seal of Excellence on SMEI Phase 2.

Our academy runs a special program to Clients all over Europe focused on candidates inspired by the idea to work as a Java Developer.

This is a great opportunity to access the ICT Labour market. We will train you and, based on your performance, you will have the opportunity to start working as a Junior Java Developer in one of CBT Clients across Europe.

Is this your dream, but you are lacking Java´s knowledge? Grab this opportunity!

We can already imagine you think “Oh my god! This is awesome! How does the Program work?”

The Coding Program:

Our coding program involves 8 modules. All of the training is online and you will have full support to succeed in each module. At the end of the course, based on your final assessment you will be invited for a job interview to work as a Junior Java Developer a tone of our clients in Europe.

The program duration will depend in your learning curve. However, in average it will be around 10 weeks!

Seems simple enough, right? Probably you may be thinking, well this is a great program, but probably they will not accept me… It’s true that we have some requirements, but nothing too difficult.


  • The Program is open to everyone who shows interest to have the opportunity to join the IT labour market.
  • You will need to pass a cognitive test. This test only purpose is to understand your rational capabilities, no need to know any kind of coding.
  • You will need to speak English fluently. The reason for this is that the training will be in English and you probably won’t be working in your country of origin.
  • You need to have an EU work permit.

If you are still here, then you are probably interested… Right?

This moment you should be thinking “Yeah… This is all very interesting… But how much will it cost me?”. Well, if you conclude the program and you are able to get the job the course is completely free! Yeah, you read that right!

You will only have to pay any kind of costs if you decide to drop out after the course started or if you are not able to pass our Client’s interviews by the end of it. Let us tell you that this last one is highly unlikely! At this point we still didn’t have one student having this problem and you will have a lot of job opportunities!

We hope that you are interested in the program and we would be overjoyed to hear from you! :)