If you are looking for work currently, about to graduate, or in a position that you want to improve upon, you are not alone. It can feel difficult, but it doesn't need to be. If you want your new dream job, personalize your resume in the following ways:


State Your Intention and Goals

One of the best ways to personalize your resume is to state your goals or intentions at the top. This does some things that increase your chances of getting an interview. Firstly, it shows that you are proactive and that you have taken the time to get goals written down. Secondly, it shows that you have a clear idea of what you want and where you are heading.

Both of these qualities are attractive to employers. If your goals align with theirs, they will put you ahead of other candidates because it is like using a magnet for hiring managers. So always put your intention, such as "to obtain employment providing excellent customer service for ABC Bank Company" on your resumes.


Do Your Research

You don't want to fly in blind to the company you are sending a resume to. If you know nothing about the company, your resume will not be personalized. Not only that, but you could say something that will sit wrong with them. For instance, if a company is publicly known for having a specific stance on a controversial topic and you say something that indicates you’re on the opposite side of the issue, you could cost yourself the job. Make sure you also understand the industry of your ideal company and the challenges they face.

By knowing your company inside and out, your research will make your resume stand out. You can address specific ways that you will help the company reach its goals and also impress them with your willingness to research in advance of coming. Finally, you can ask better questions in the interview room, which could increase your chances of landing the job.



You want to maintain a professional voice in writing your resume. This lets them know that you mean business. However, there are ways to customize your resume that inject your personality. Be authentic about your passions and what you want out of life. This will allow them to feel like they are getting to know you through your resume in advance and could increase your chances of getting an interview.


Get Your Degree

A lot of times, the thing standing between you and making more money or finding that dream job is a degree. Great career options are offered by colleges, whether they provide paths for human resource degrees, sociology degrees, science degrees, or anything in between. Plus, you will have more confidence that you are prepared for the work at hand with a degree under your name.


Don't Use Just One Resume

A big mistake when personalizing your resume is only to create one copy and send it to everybody. Don’t do this. Instead, make a customized version targeted for each position and each company you are applying at. This is a perfect chance to show off your research skills that you used in earlier steps and offer unique insights upfront. Adjust the duties that you list such as cash handling, training, responsibilities, and other things to each hiring manager at the job you're applying for.


When it comes resumes, one size does not fit all. Personalize your resume to stand out and catch the attention of the hiring manager. That way you have a better chance of getting seen for the ideal job you've been hunting for all along. Use the above tips and your resume will be more likely to impress the companies you apply for.