An honest work environment establishes a good relationship between an organization’s management and its employees. Thus, it not only creates a conducive working environment but also increases productivity. Dishonesty, especially among employees, has detrimental effects on an organization. The management should encourage honesty in the working environment hence preventing negative impacts on the company’s health. Here are some tips:

Foster Open and Honest Communication

Proper communication is critical to the success of any business company. The free and timely flow of information from the management to employees and vice versa is necessary for coordination among different departments. Any form of negativity and rumors are easily ironed out by consistent communication (TrainSmart Inc). The management of a company should also strive to create open platforms for employees to raise their concerns and contribute to business policies that can help the firm grow. Constant and consistent communication with employees helps in identification of negativity and thereby closing loopholes that promote dishonesty.

Reward Honesty

Reward is a motivating factor in any business environment. An organization’s management should consider highlighting employees with exemplary performance concerning honesty. Appreciation of such individuals can be in the form of paid time-off, recognition certificates or gifts. Rewards encourage positive behavior and allegiance to company policies.

Screen and Verify

Before hiring, an employer should conduct reference checks on each employee. Verification and reference checks usually includes contacting references, verifying employment and education, and pulling driver’s license information (JDP). False information on a resume often leads to an inappropriate choice, hence incompetence in the work delivered. This can affect the overall production of a company. Depending on the applicant’s potential responsibilities, check their criminal record may also be advisable.

Disciplinary Action

Honesty should be at the top of any organization’s policies. As such, there should be a penalty system in place for employees that act contrary to the policy ( This helps in nurturing a culture of honesty from top-level management to subordinates. However, the discipline system should be considerate where employees are not punished too harshly for minor errors. Forms of punishment can include compulsory leave and termination of contract for extreme dishonest behavior.

Above All, Set a Good Example

The best way to promote a culture in an organization is to lead by example. An employer’s actions should be of high moral and ethical standards that employees can automatically interpret and act as per the expectations.


Dishonesty is a significant issue in the corporate world. An organization’s human resource department is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that encourage honesty. This is fundamental to the growth of any firm.