Hospitality network got famous all over the world about a decade back. Couchsurfing was launched in mid 2000. It got lots of travelers worldwide as users of that website, which became a great community. It was for non-profit for some years, but after few years they declared themselves as a Corporation. Members of Couchsurfing got angry, and the best of the worldwide travelers left them.

Many other new hositality networks were born afer that. Some were good, but no one reached that high as Couchsurfing got. 

I was disappointed with Couchsurfing too, but I met so many great travelers from all over the world through it that I decided one fine day that I need to give back something to the great travelers of the world.

Hence, International Travelers was born:

I started getting it developed from 2015, by paying from my own pocket. Later, some of my Couchsurfing friends joined, and became Co-Founder of International Travelers. They also paid whatever they could afford. We still pay from our pockets, and trying to get it better and more useful for the International Travelers, by providing them whatever they need for traveling all over the world.

You are welcome to join International Travelers   in whatever way you can, and make it a great happening friendly international travelers community.