The financial crisis,  a  reduced salary or even dismissal are not a reason to despair. Treat any failure as an opportunity to start something new and definitely better. Here are some tips from HR experts how to  get a job  you have  always dreamed of.

According to research, the first impression is very important. It is based on the following:

55% - your outfit. It should be neat, discreet and closer to the classic style. Of course, everything depends on the role, industry and corporate culture, but even for a candidate applying to an editor role in the fashion industry the smart chic will do better than an ultra-modern trend.

38% - a pleasant tone of voice and good grammar. Look for public speech courses.

7% - in fact, the words you say. Avoid slang and vernacular expressions, except professional.

Always carry business cards with you - you never know who you may meet at a restaurant or a gym hall. 

Interviewers state  that most applicants make a few common mistakes -  avoiding eye contact during the interview, awkward smile, losing the thread of conversation, constantly pulling hair or touching the face.

The candidate should be relaxed and focused at the same time. The self-confidence is key.