If you feel that the top people at your startup could be more productive, you are probably right. There are lots of tasks that could be automated, outsourced or delegated to less experienced people. Here are some important business tasks you need to consider.


Dealing with Mail


A study published on Inc.com found that the average employee spends more than 13 hours looking at emails each week. Across all businesses, that costs the business about $630 billion annually. A virtual assistant or using a productivity app can help to sort the incoming mails and keep all email information securely in one location.

Answering Phone Calls


Answering calls is a major time killer. In fact, according to a study published on CBS, the average CEO spends more than 25 percent of his or her time on the phone and at public events. While the CEO may not be able to skip some public appearances, an executive assistant can be hired to answer phone calls and to only allow the most important ones to reach the top of the ladder.


Handling Freight


Depending on the type of startup that you are running, you may have a lot of freight to handle. Do not expect your top people to do this. Instead, consider hiring a person to do freight work. When they are not busy, that employee can take care of maintenance or other duties around your office. You may even want this person to be your chauffeur while you are commuting each day as the average American worker spends more than 38 hours a year stuck in traffic.

Stuck in Meetings


The average executive spends more than 5.6 hours per week stuck in meetings, and it can be even worse for a startup. That travel can really blow through a startup's budget in a hurry. Over 41 percent of people responding to a survey said that being stuck in a pointless meeting is the biggest time waster during their days. Instead, host meetings when necessary and allow people to attend via video-conferencing whenever possible.

An agile startup will consider each of these areas to see how it can improve. Executives need to think in terms of both money and time. After all, if a startup's CEO is wasting time, the startup is not thriving as well as it could be.