As from the passing years till nowadays new coming hiTech parts and gadgets are conquiring the world. For example the different notebooks, tablets, smartphones, etc. play an important role in our lives. I haven't got used to manage myself such an arsenal of technology utilities but I sincerely accept the challenges and necessity of these products. I love to read books, magazines, even I do this in my spare time and the results are pretty shoking. I admit myself that I feel a little spoiled by the advancement and improvement of these tools. It is so easy to lay on a bench or over the grass and read your favourite book among the trees, bushes and the shining sun from above, holding in hand your favourite gagdet and enjoy the hot weather with friends or on your own. Yes, that is what I mean that technology spoils us. You read your favourite book already not with paper pages, but holding a tablet or reader and going through the pages with only the touchscreen with your finger pressing something. This could be annoying for some people, but not for me and eventually 15 000 thousand people think like me. Is really technology the new spread and trend of the century I really would like to know your opinion. What do you think? I am eager to meet new people to help me figure out my question. I allow you to add comments and share your thoughts.