WPS Qatar

QPAY brings to the market the affordable, comprehensive, and advanced, but simple to use WPS solution. QPAY solutions have been used in foreign markets since 2001 and are offered to banks and financial institutions as white-labeled products with tremendous revenue share opportunities. Designed to help corporate clients comply with the latest Labor payment Laws by the Ministry of Labor and Social Services, the system is user-friendly, secure, and robust.


With its partnership with MasterCard, QPAY offers a new set of white labeled and convenient solutions for private label or white label to banks financial institutions, exchange houses telecom providers and retailers. QPAY is committed to innovation in secure electronic payments through WPS, a law protecting employees. QPAY strengthens company compliance with the Labor Law and reduces the number of payroll related legal disputes, as employers will receive their salaries on time. It gives employers several features such as cloud-based, secure manual tracking of HR, hours, payroll, IBAN creation, and one-touch SIF workflow capability, among others.


General objectives of the system

• Protecting Labor group payments from the manipulation of their financial entitlements

• Promoting security and stability by establishing a safe work environment

• Strengthening the human rights principle

• Enabling compliance with financial inclusion laws of the Qatar National Bank

• Enabling the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to continuously access and compare them to the Data in its procession to ensure compliance with the provision of the Labor Law.

• Reducing legal disputes between parties as well as effort and time wasting

• Assist the Judiciary in the issuance of rulings and settlements related to worker entitlements.


What Makes QPAY Indispensable?

Paying employees in cash is not trackable, there is no proof whether they got paid or not. Unpaid employees face a lot of hardships that create many human rights issues. The bad reputation regarding treatment of low-wage immigrant workers prompted QPAY to put its WPS compliance solution in place. The WPS Qatar Cards partnering with MasterCard, offer a prepaid MasterCard link to an international bank account. Workers can use the card to make ATM withdrawals, transact at stores, or use it online. The QPAY WPS cloud solution is compatible with all banks, and financial institutions. You can register online to get access to a solution that simplifies an otherwise cumbersome process. You save a lot of money, automate important processes, and also escape legal issues.

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