As the digital age has matured over the years, the geographic location of the workplace has gained elasticity and much of the global workforce has merged together, resulting in worldwide collaboration. Many working people long for ‘location independence’ allowing them to expand their business opportunities, choose where to live or even lead a nomadic lifestyle. It has been reported that this way of working can increase employee happiness and productivity. An abundance of sophisticated digital technology has permitted workers to create a more flexible lifestyle whilst reducing travel costs for businesses amongst many other benefits.

In many cases, traditional methods of physical travel have become redundant and digital alternatives have been adopted, ranging from the basics of email and online collaborative workspaces to video meetings and interviews. These technological advances have grown up alongside a new generation of digital-savvy workers and are on course to continue with increased sophistication.

We’ve already begun to see this happening. As Skype reaches its 15th anniversary, it continues to be one of the most well known free video conversation software. Whatsapp and Facetime have followed suit, providing similar services. All offer the basic tools for remote video communication but their limited functions tend to target those looking for casual communication on a small-scale. Even though video conferencing isn’t a new concept, it has been forced to develop rapidly in recent years.

Video communication companies such as Eyenetwork provide inclusive service packages that supply all necessary equipment and support to host large-scale business meetings both remotely and securely. As EU data protection laws are changing for the first time in over 25 years, processes of working must be evaluated and security precautions are a high priority for digitally active companies. This advanced video communication technology can be tailored to individual companies and host high-quality webinars and video interviews - doing so with high-level security measures in place.

Luckily for us, technologies have developed as demand has increased, aiding work flexibly and removing geographical restraints. In turn, this is opening many more opportunities for collaborative work and remote recruitment. Take a look at the Eyenetwork website for further information of the services that will place your organisation at the forefront of the technical age.