Single parenthood is associated with a lot of hardships, whether in the form of financial instability or mental health issues. A single mommy and her children go through a lot.

You might not be the only single mother in your circle, but still, you will be unaware of all the challenges that are ready to come your way until you step your feet onto this journey.

There will be tough times but get up now! Take a stare at your children and be grateful that now you can devote more time to your children while providing them with a better life simply by utilizing work from home mom freelance job opportunities.

In the UK, there are currently at least 287,000 mothers freelancing, accounting for 15% of all freelancers in the country. This is the reason freelancing mothers are undoubtedly contributing to the British economy.

Women in the on-demand workforce contribute £7 billion to the UK economy each year. It's worth noting that they earn this money despite doing substantially more childcare and housekeeping than their male counterparts.

Keeping in mind that you can earn a lot through remote work, here are some freelance job ideas you can look into:


  • Become A Translator

If you know more than one language, becoming a translator may be a very beneficial career for you. There are several enterprises, businesses, and government bodies that provide freelance jobs for translators. Being proficient in their required language will make you a great candidate for such a workforce management system, where you can put your skills to good use after the hiring process.

Many translators work as independent contractors or part-time employees. This is useful if you wish to spend the majority of your time at home with your children and earn simultaneously.

  • Find Lead Generation Remote Jobs

In this booming gig economy, lead generation firms are a fantastic opportunity for skilled salespeople and advertisers to put their abilities to the test and make a career out of it.

There is a low entry barrier towards recruitment of big companies, but don't be fooled by that.

The majority of agencies will concentrate on one to three primary channels. It may be Facebook ads, cold email, or even SEO for you. However, making any of them work requires time and effort, so be patient and concentrate on quality.

There are, however, regular prices set in this sector — generally, for higher cost items, fees per lead your recruiters or hiring manager will pay you from $100 to $500, which is not a bad remote job deal.

  • Go For Content Writing

Content writers are needed by many websites to generate blog articles, marketing materials, sales pieces and other written content. Considered among some of the best freelance jobs, content writers are required to give valuable and helpful information about a certain topic or product.

If you're a stay-at-home mom with excellent writing abilities, content writing might be a fantastic way to supplement your income on a freelance, on-demand workforce basis.

Some of the best copywriters, for instance, earn more than $100 per hour, and even inexperienced copywriters may comfortably earn $30 to $60 per hour through remote work.

The best part about the gig economy in general and this job, in particular, is that you can typically do it from the comfort of home and on your own schedule.

  • Social Networking Is An Option, Too

Social media is something that everyone has access to. Every other mother is on social media, and some of them are specialists. If you are truly interested, this is one of the best remote jobs for freelancers.

Simply act as a social media assessor, evaluating advertisements, providing material and images, and so on.

It is one of the most contingent workforces that improves customer interaction by building an audience, increasing brand recognition, engaging with customers, responding to comments, and monitoring the platform's analytics.

  • Try Editing And Proofreading

Proofreading and editing are ideal for the off-payroll workforce who pays close attention to detail. Reading text created for corporations, academia, or others to look for spelling, grammatical, or style problems is one of the tasks. They make sure that the text is readable and makes all the necessary changes.

According to the Dissertation editing service UK, many freelance proofreaders make an average of $45,906 per year, or $27 per hour, with entry-level online proofreading employment starting at $15 per hour, which is significantly better than other independent contractors.

  • Freelance Web Developers Are In High Demand Today

Web developers make internet sites, design pages, and generate various forms of visual content for their company or directly for clients using computer languages.

A background in an on-demand workforce in general and in a computer-related subject, in particular, is required to become a web developer; however, numerous online courses may educate on coding to help you in developing a gig economy.

Being a web developer, you can work on many projects individually or make yourself available for hiring a single firm.

Recruiters or hiring managers would easily pay you $80,000 per year for these in-demand remote jobs, which may potentially go up to $200,000 or more if you're an expert.

One of the most significant aspects of working as a web developer freelancer is having high-quality examples of your work to offer potential clients, which may include HR software, gameplay apps etc. If you haven't previously, make a portfolio of your previous work as it will help you in locating some best freelance jobs.

Your portfolio also portrays a professional image, demonstrating that you are serious about your business which makes it easier for recruitment teams to contact you quickly.

  • Bookkeeping Is Another Good Opportunity

Another freelance job for single moms who choose to stay at home is bookkeeping, which doesn't need specific educational background.

Bookkeeping is one of those areas where a contingent workforce is concerned with tax data and financial activities.

You must also keep your clients' financial information up to date, study their papers, and produce assessments for them through business tools and software.

For monetary and PR matters, many bloggers, small company owners, and influencers hire bookkeepers who mostly manage their accounts through HR software.

So, if you believe you are a good fit for this job, don't shy away from giving it a try.

  • You Can Also Become An Academic Writer

Freelance writers, especially academic writers and research analysts, are mostly hired by companies as a part of the off-payroll workforce.

The most crucial benefit of freelance writing for mothers is that it offers you time flexibility and enhances your writing skills.

You can look for potential clients by searching 'buy assignment online UK' and other relevant keywords.

In the field of academic freelance writing, it is essential to register yourself with service providers who have a number of clients. Not only would this enable you to build your network, but it will also boost your chances of getting large-budget jobs by leaps and bounds.

  • Look If There's Anyone Looking For Word/Excel Data Entry Person

Data entry clerks input and amend information into the database system, which is another very simple profession in the current gig economy. They compile a variety of data and double-check it for correctness, and add them to a word or excel file.

Single mothers who prefer stay-at-home employment to spend the majority of their time with their children are the most suitable candidates for the on-demand workforce.

All you need for this profession is to have good keyboard skills and the ability to type quickly. You must also be a keen observer of the facts you've been given.

  • There's A Pool of Freelance Jobs for Graphic Designers

Considered as one of the best remote jobs, graphic designers are in charge of designing graphics and other special effects for advertisements, print media, websites, and other marketing items.

They generate the company's or client's demands provided to them through a freelancer management system.

Innovation and a solid understanding of picture editing tools are typical qualifications for this profession. Project-based graphic designer positions are available on several websites, making the work highly flexible.

As a person working on graphic designing jobs, you must be able to use software tools with a creative eye. You don't need a college diploma, but you will need to know how to use picture editing tools and software like Canva.

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