First-time business owners are at the forefront of their own personal adventure, but adventure also brings trial and error, along with the pressing challenges of running and organizing everyday tasks. Various software programs allow today’s business owners to remain detail-oriented and efficient, while still taking a hands-on approach to their ultimate dream. There are a wealth of products available to streamline processes. Deciding which products are best suited for your company is an essential task. Below we will review some of the most recommended software programs for first-time business owners.



In the industry of personal finance, QuickBooks is king. It is one of the top choices in addressing the needs of small businesses and offers hundreds of templates for any report imaginable. In addition, it has the ability to manage contacts as well as address tax components. One of the best features is payroll functionality. Although this software program has tons of benefits, it can be difficult to master, especially for individuals who are not as tech savvy. 



TurboTax has been around for quite some time and has received a number of awards. While it does not encompass everything QuickBooks does, it is a top recommendation for preparing the tax return for your business. In addition to filing your taxes, TurboTax also offers small businesses expense tracking, features to track yearly deductions, and a feature that allows users to speak with a tax expert in the event of a problem. 


Infusionsoft Complete

Known as the king of marketing tools, Infusionsoft Complete is a software that can not only track tens of thousands of contacts but can also provide email campaign management among other features. If you are interested in monitoring your website statistics such as visitor count, sales, and user timeframe, this software program is essential. The only drawback listed by users is in relation to its complex interface. Additionally, users must enroll in training programs at an additional fee. 


Microsoft Office

Every business should come equipped with Microsoft Office, regardless of its size. With the new document sharing feature released in 2016, documents can be stored in the cloud and other users can be invited to access and edit them. This is great for home-based employees or those who travel and need consistent live updates. It provides a more collaborative environment for employees to share ideas and devise strategic plans without endless in-person meetings.


Keyed In ERP

If you are in charge of managing multiple projects and teams, Keyed In ERP cloud software can help support all this work and streamline your biggest processes. Custom workflows can be delegated to specified teams in order to provide cross-collaboration. Regardless of whether your small business focuses on product development, marketing, manufacturing or finance, Keyed In can help configure and track high-priority projects.


If you ever hear an individual say that their business "runs itself", know that there are a number of software applications behind this process. From collaboration through documents and marketing campaigns, to creating email databases and tracking your budget, there are various software programs standing behind them.