It’s a trend we’ve continued to see evidence of: workers taking advantage of technology that allows them to do their work from anywhere. Telecommuting jobs are in demand in a big way., a massive job search platform, recently disclosed to us here at FORBES which big cities in the U.S. have the highest number of job seekers looking for these types of positions. The data comes from the company’s own numbers on job seekers active on their system.

On the list of the cities with the most searches for telecommuting jobs, the number one metropolitan region – for the second year in a row – is Atlanta, Georgia. By the numbers, there were 25,150.69 people who searched for telecommuting position for every 1 million people searching for work from that area.

Second on the list this year is Jacksonville, Florida. For every 1 million people searching for jobs there, 24,756.73 were seeking remote work. Another high performer this year was Tampa, Florida, at number three. The numbers there show 23,660.57 telecommuting job searches.

But why these three cities? D’Arcy says Indeed has noticed that people in colder climates often wish to migrate to warmer ones and telecommuting opens up further employment opportunities in a given location.

Other factors come into play as well. “Atlanta is one of the most sprawling metropolitan areas and is a top city for traffic congestion,” D’Arcy explained. “There is also a broad suburban employer base and as a result people want to work from home to avoid lengthy commutes.

“We are seeing more and more job seekers prioritizing their personal happiness and want to find places that provide a great quality of life. It is no surprise that job seekers are looking for remote work in beach cities like Jacksonville and Tampa.”

Another reason for interest in telecommuter jobs is professionals wanting to stay put. Some people, says D’Arcy, are incredibly rooted in their community and look for remote jobs to stay close to their families and friends.

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