Taking a quick peep at the cities of Nigeria, ranging from the busy Lagos state and the crowded population in Ibadan. For every twenty individuals you see on the road, sixteen of them, especially youths, are either glued to their mobile phones, gadgets, tablets either listening to an awesome song on their playlist, checking out the updates on their Instagram timeline or streaming live videos online…

Cool isn’t it???

      Or better still, lets take a walk to the commercial sector – where we exchange goods or services for either cash or through POS machines which are now readily present at shops, boutiques, restaurants and the cinema’s. Even while I write this, I can sit in my room at one of the places in the ancient city of Ibadan, and also wire out a cash transfer to my stranded friend who is way far away from me just from a punch on my android phone without taking a long queue at the bank.

Having considered the above, it only begs the question:

 “What would have brought about such ease, convenience and comfortability?

 Your guess is as good as mine – TECHNOLOGY.


       Technology has a wide range of definitions; nevertheless, it is a term traceable to “techne”” which means activities by which man seeks to adapt to his environment (Olaoye 1990).

It is a scientific knowledge, used in practical ways, especially in the designing of new machines, machineries and equipment ( Hornby 2002).

  Taking a glance at a news update, I swung online dated May 20, 2016, The Minister of Science and Technology of Nigeria -Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu,stated that :

“Nigeria must out of necessity embrace science and technology to diversify the economy and ensure national development. He said that no Nation at all history of the world has become great without the application and deployment of Science and Technology”.

     Towing from the same line of thought, an article written by Kayode Joseph Onipede  titled :

“ Technology Development in Nigeria: The Nigerian Machine Tools Industry Experience”, he stated that: Technology development is generally regarded as a catalyst for national development, because it offers among other things, the necessary support for change in all sectors of the economy, most especially in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Therefore, it is unarguably the prime source of change, that is, of innovations and adaptations required for improving production methods needed to propel growth and development”.

   But you know sadly, despite the seemingly use of different technological equipments, so much efforts have not been put in the exploring several other things that technology has in stock.

 60% of the population in Nigeria(asides those in the Tech world) have successfully taken a grapse of Technology at the surface level, while the other percent of people who have taken a look at Technology at the deeper level, are either limited by their environment, lack of expertise to groom their even green ideas or like some would say “the government is not encouraging the Tech industry by doing the needful”.

Quoting Kayode Onipede from the article stated above:

“ the problem is not lack of resources, but the lack of productive investment, ability and clear imaginative orientation which has hindered the gap between reality and aspiration.  He ended by saying that it would be more rewarding if Nigerian Policy makers realize the need to look inward, recognize the technological need of the nation, and use same to develop a high competitive manufacturing and industrial sector to reward a higher productivity so as to relieve Nigeria the burden of underdevelopment”.

    Having considered this, I would say that the need to invest into technology  cannot be overemphasized, symposiums should be organized to enlighten the young population and the old alike, conferences and boot-camps should be organized where experts in technology can teach participants on the practicality of technology and most importantly created platforms were green ideas pertaining to technology can be upheld and promoted should be encouraged.

Gift Agboro(photo credit: theodysseyonline.com)