When meeting with a new client for the first time, you most certainly want to impress them. You also want to be careful, however, of not going overboard. There is an acronym that has taken root in the dating world that also applies to much of life. It's TWTH and it stands for Trying Way Too Hard. People can sense desperation and while neediness tends to be a turnoff in the dating world, it can be even more so in business. Here are three great tips to impress clients you are meeting with for the first time, without TWTH.


Dress to Impress, Not Slay

Of course you want to be neat, tidy, and well-pressed, but what you are going for is a look of competence, not looking ready to step on stage at Madison Square Garden. If you live in NYC and wearing couture is just a normal day for you, then by all means go for it. But the appearance you want to give is you on your best day, not someone entirely different altogether. Rule of thumb: if you have to dig way back in your closet for it or dust it off, don't wear it. 


What You Drive Matters

If your clients are coming in from out of town and you need to drive them around, or if you will have to drive them for any reason, your car choice is important. While you don't need to hire a chauffeured limousine, your car should be neat, tidy, and washed. If you drive an old beat-up clunker or mom-mobile complete with car seats, you might consider renting a vehicle for the day or however long your clients are in town. You don't have to rent the most luxury model of vehicle, but you want to make sure there is plenty of room and you're not going to break down unexpectedly. 


Attentiveness Matters More Than Anything Else

While appearance is certainly important, what will matter more than anything is your attentiveness to them. Clients want to know they are heard, understood, and that you truly have what it takes to meet their needs. But they know you can't meet them if they don't feel you even know who they are. You can even overcome showing up with a giant coffee stain on your shirt by simply listening attentively to your clients, showing you know what their needs are, and assuring you can meet them.


When meeting clients for the first time, you want to impress, but don't go overboard. One of the most important things they want to know is who you are. If they get the sense that you are overselling yourself or you are not being honest about who you are, they may be less likely to trust you and/or be your client for long. Yes, you want to be the best version of yourself, but relax - just be yourself.