One aspect of HR that's often overcomplicated is the hiring process itself. This is the first step that initiates a relationship between the candidate and your company, but right from the start, it can blow out of proportion. User-unfriendly HR software, too many levels of approval, unclear reporting lines and hiring deadlines can become a source of frustration for both the human resources department and the candidates. 

HR technology is the right answer to ensure a seamless hiring process. Nowadays, there are multiple options addressing the needs of businesses of all sizes. Being it predictive hiring, diversity recruitment, applicant tracking system, recruitment A/b testing, various tests and a lot more, the right HR software can save time and tons of money.  


Pre-Employment Assessments


There are many different types of pre-employment assessments that are used by companies during the hiring process, but they can add complexity. While some assessments may work out great, others may result in bias. Knowing what skills are required and how these can be measured is a step in the right direction.

Keep in mind that being detailed when it comes to the data that reveals success factors, and knowing exactly what kind of fit you need will increase the effectiveness. Also, signs of nervousness or other tell-tale signs of deception could alert you if someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes just to get the job. Don't be surprised, someone might slip through the cracks because all you can do is put in safeguards to minimize the possibility of it. 


Aptitude Tests


This is one of the most commonly confused types of pre-employment testing, as many tend to think that it's designed to evaluate one's educational level. However, it's an assessment of one's cognitive abilities, and it's done under a timed setting to help evaluate one's cognitive abilities more effectively. According to Mind Tools, “there are various aptitude tests used during the hiring process, but it has come down to being seen as one of the most reliable methods of uncovering the job performance of each individual.”

These tests can be performed in three different ways:  by using an online test provider, pen and paper, or at a testing facility that's been authenticated for its practices to ensure a trustworthy testing process. Most of the time, employers simply use the online test so they can administer aptitude tests on-site.


Personality Tests


Just like with any other kind of pre-employment testing method, you do need to administer personality tests properly. While it is good to uncover one's personality to see if they'd be a good fit for your company and those who work there, there's also a time and a place for everything. You don't want to use this later in the hiring process for example, because it could cause a lot of unneeded animosities.

HR Diver explains, “if you do use it early on, it can help you see which candidates possess the desired personality traits for the position that you're hiring for. It seems the best integration of personality tests during the hiring process is in conjunction with others.” Not only does this serve as being more precautious, but it will also tell you more about one's personality in the end.


Other Assessments


A test to determine one's physical state (depending on the job), skills tests, and a test to reveal one's true knowledge within the field are other ways that employers utilize a measuring tool during the hiring process. Each job comes with its own set of people who would fit the best. Berke says , “incorporating pre-employment assessment tests into the hiring process is the most effective way to gain a more thorough, accurate picture of a candidate's strengths, challenges, and potential.”

Just make sure whichever direction you go, that you remain aware of the candidate in front of you and able to notice if something seems to be off. Also, don't wait too long to administer your assessments, not only would that waste your time if they fail it opens up to a potentially nasty situation. It has already happened to many, and that alone is too much.