The future of self-employment is geared toward the internet and technology. More self-employed business owners and freelancers are going online to work because the internet has made these opportunities more reachable. Additionally, they are sharing offices and running virtual offices from home. Learn about a few other trends that will affect the work of the self-employed.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are designed for people who work independently but still want to be around others. It's similar to working in a public library; you are surrounded by strangers, but they have similar values and schedules as you. As a self-employed individual, visit one of these spaces if you don't like working at home or by yourself. You can just find an empty table or you can pay extra to reserve a desk or office. If needed you can rent a conference room for meetings with clients.

Virtual Offices

Running a virtual office is growing trend for business owners who don’t need to meet with clients on a regular basis. Virtual offices offer you the best parts of a traditional office and working from home. You get access to all the amenities of a traditional office, without needing to pay the same amount of money for rent and you get more legitimacy than you would working from your home. This allows you to rent the space as you need it, while still maintaining a professional address and presence.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are available if you cannot afford to run an entirely virtual office. Online directories contain thousands of professionals who have worked as receptionists, accountants, etc. Their education varies from certificate to postgraduate degrees, and their work experience varies from entry level to more than ten years. Your virtual assistant can fill any of the roles of traditional support staff, as well as provide marketing, web design, or other specialized services.

Mobile Apps

More professionals are working through their smartphone apps. There is a wide range of apps that allow you to take your work with you wherever you go, without needing to be in one certain location. This gives you more mobility to work and move from one location to the next. You can even continue to work while taking long-distance business trips or vacations, which is especially important if you run the business by yourself.

Social Media

Many entrepreneurs rely on social media to attract business and interact with their clients. Various social media platforms allow low-cost advertising, and you can even host a business page on sites like Facebook instead of using a website, which can save you even more money.

Being self-employed means that you constantly need to be looking for new ways to build your business, and taking advantage of these growing trends is ideal to get you interacting with new people and finding new ways to promote yourself.