The human resources department must be notified anytime someone is hurt on the job. There are certain things that they would need to know if you got hurt. Those things are:


Who Was Involved


HR is going to need to know who was involved in the incident because they may need to interview those people. So you'd have to be able to supply them with the names of anybody who may have witnessed the accident happening or knows anything about it.


When It Happened


The "when" is a crucial aspect. HR is going to want to know exactly what date this incident occurred, and they'll want to know what time it occurred down to the second if possible. Try to get those facts straight. If you can't remember, try to be as accurate as possible.


Why It Happened


You will need to explain why it happened. The why can make a huge difference in your compensation type. For example, workers' compensation doesn't really have a fault requirement. It doesn't matter why it happened for that type of benefit. However, you might be able eligible for a personal injury settlement if your employer was at fault. An example is that is scenario is if a piece of faulty machinery was not fixed, or if a safety procedure was not followed. They would be at fault if your injury occurred because of it. Therefore, you are going to have to establish the why in this situation.


Where It Happened


You will have to explain exactly where this incident happened, whether it was inside the building or off the premises. Injuries from car accidents still have to be reported to human resources whether you are driving a company vehicle or performing part of your job in your personal vehicle.


What's the Diagnosis?


Finally, they are going to want to know the outcome of your appointment with the doctor. You will need to see a doctor if you get hurt on a job. Your doctor will need to provide you with a diagnosis, a treatment plan and an estimated recovery time. He must specify if you have to go on light duty because of your injury. This information is crucial to you receiving your benefits.

Keep this list of items in mind if you ever get hurt on a job, or if you see somebody else get hurt on the job. Having your story and your information together will make the process go smoothly for everyone.



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