Summer jobs are something all students and freshers shall look forward to. 


Why so?


Summer is arguably the best time of the year. The beautiful weather inspires us all to get out there and go for it. Vacations, weekend getaways, and camping offer opportunities to revive burned out willpower. The vitamin D is in full swing. We all enjoy it in our own way, but there's something we can agree on: summer sales are an excellent opportunity to siege the advantage. The new and exciting opportunities are tangible and can pave the way to a successful career.


Move Forward



The opportunity to open new doors and build lasting business relationships is there. Some businesses are booming in the summer months due to seasonality. Bigger turnovers, more clients, new partners are all creating job opportunities during the summer months. This is the chance to make money in your preferred industry and gain the experience you will need when applying for a full-time job. 


Is there a catch?


Definitely. If you are a law student and want to state the summer job in your CV upon graduation, it will be good to pick a summer job that will complement the skills and experience your future employer will be looking for. An internship with a legal advisory practice, venture capital fund or a financial institution will be much appreciated. A job in an amusement park will not do any good and if you have to take it to make cash to pay your tuition, it is advisable not to cover it extensively in your CV.


Explore The Possibilities


Starting a summer job can be exciting. It's a fresh start to meet new people and develop new skills. A summer sales job could turn into something more substantial. Learning how to sell and negotiate is a set of skills needed in many life situations and may help you to negotiate a higher role or a bigger salary in the future. What you do now will propel you into the future. That is the point, right?


Pick a Job That Develops Your Skills



A summer job may or may not be a smart choice. You may expect to further your skills and capabilities or just to make some extra cash. The experience you will gain will definitely be helpful in the future.  Advancement is the ultimate end game. Making yourself more marketable is always a good thing especially if the summer job resonates well with your desired career path.

Remember to say yes to the opportunities that present themselves. They were offered for a reason - obviously, someone believes in you.


 Think of your summer job as fuel. You need it to get through the rest of the year. The more fuel, the better. Let it propel you fast into the fall months so that you can finish the year off stronger than ever. In case you don’t want to be tied down in one place, you may consider these opportunities for remote work or work and travel which is even better.



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