As an employer, you should be carefully screening the applicants who want to work for you. While it's important to read through their resume and cover letter, performing the right background checks can ensure that you’re only hiring the most qualified and trustworthy people for your team. There are many different types of employment background checks, but here are four to definitely consider running on potential hires:

Criminal Background Check

Criminal background checks can help you filter out applicants who have histories of violence, theft and other offenses that could be liabilities for you. Review their arrest and conviction records, as well as any citations they may have received. A background check can also show if a person is listed on your local sex offender registry. Additional information can be obtained to find out if an applicant has any outstanding arrest warrants. Criminal background checks are especially important if you want to hire someone to work in a school, nursing home, or bank.

Credit History

Reviewing a prospective new hire’s credit is important and can let you know how responsible he or she is with money. Poor credit resulting from delinquent payments should be a red flag, as it may indicate a lack of accountability. In most cases, you won’t be able to see a person’s credit score, but you can view a report that shows debt and payment history. A person who is bad at managing money will likely not be suitable for banking or working in any other type of financial institution.

Driving Record

If the job that you are trying to fill requires driving, you will want to check all applicants’ driving records. You can request a report that shows traffic citations, DUIs, and other disciplinary actions that may have been issued. Traffic accident history can be reviewed as well. The report can also show how long the person has been a licensed driver so that you can gauge his or her experience on the road.

Reference Verification

A person’s previous employers, education history, and personal references should all be verified. False reference information given to you by the applicant could result in you hiring someone who isn’t qualified for the job. Lying about references also shows dishonesty on the applicant’s part. Verifying these references will let you know more about a particular applicant’s character and work ethic.


Performing thorough background checks should be one of your main priorities when trying to fill a position, but using a credible recruitment platform like Transformify can make sure you get great candidates from the get-go. Post your opening today!