"I just want to find the best job I can." Have you ever said that? If so, you're not alone. Most people want to land a good job, if they don't already have one. But what is the best job for you? That question can be surprisingly difficult to answer.


The Importance of Personality


In general, society regards just a handful of professions as the "best" jobs a person can have. Doctors and lawyers are held in high regard because they tend to make a lot of money. Many people also look up to professional sports players and entertainers. But are these high-profile careers really the best for everyone?

As it turns out, that depends on your personality. We clearly aren't all cut out to be entertainers or lawyers. What seems like a great job to one person might seem boring or just plain miserable to another. As you consider which jobs are best for you, it's important to take your own personality into account, instead of judging yourself by other people's preferences or standards.


Prestige or Happiness: Which Matters More?


Another important point to keep in mind as you consider your career options is that you don't necessarily have to aim for a prestigious job. It's true that high-prestige jobs tend to be regarded more highly than less glamorous jobs. However, not everybody cares about prestige - and that's fine.

If you're not worried about whether your career will boost your social status, don't worry about prestige during your job search. Instead, focus on what kind of life you want to live. Which job will make you happiest? Once you land a job, you'll spend a lot of time there - probably forty-plus hours a week. It's worth looking for a position that will give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction in your work.

Of course, you've got to take practical considerations into account, too. Everybody needs to pay the bills. If you want an extravagant lifestyle, the right job for you might be one with a big paycheck. But if you have a more modest lifestyle, you've got a much wider variety of good job options that won't leave you with financial struggles.


The Takeaway


As you search for jobs, don't get caught up in society's idea of what the "best" jobs are. Instead, look for a job that's right for your personality and lifestyle. There are plenty of great ways to make a living, and only you can decide what your dream job is.