A workforce management system integrates all employee data regarding their salary, taxes, performance, etc. With just a click one can access all the details of an individual without the need to refer and analyze databases from a system.

The workforce System is the purposeful process by which the institution determines the future HR requirements needed to achieve its strategic objectives. It needs an analysis of numerous factors, including current staff, long and short term needs and weaknesses in the talent pool. It also requires a detailed understanding of the skills of the workforce and advanced decision support tools to help maximize the organization's talent pool. It’s a complete preview of the entire breadth and depth of an organization. It helps defines the important activities to have the right people with the right skills in the right roles at the right time.


Why is Workforce Management Software a must-have for Schools and Universities?


With a workforce management system in place, an institution can organize all employee/ staff information like experience, photographs, qualifications, references, salary, address, contact information, marital status, attendance details, and other important information as per the requirement of an institution. This system enables the management to track and analyze employee performance from time to time along with creating several reports that are crucial for academic performance.

This system efficiently addresses all-important university business requirements by aligning the institution's business goals with human resources actions and activities. With these advanced insights, universities can pinpoint areas for change and better manage the workforce and the overall strategic direction.

Advantages of a Workforce Management System:

  • Organized record of former and transferred employees
  • Helps the distribution of work among faculty and staff
  • Maintains data easily and facilitates exporting data in multiple formats
  • Calculates staff salary, payslips, deduction, allowance, PF, leave reports, etc.
  • Ensures accuracy in payroll calculation and reduces the time for preparing worksheets


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Understand how the workforce management system can help you manage costs and improve efficiencies.


1. Manage all your staff, faculty, student workers from one platform.

  • Create and process a structured timesheet for each position
  • Support multiple supervisors and approval workflows
  • Automatically complete all cross-timesheet calculations


2. Control Labor Costs and Stay on Track with Budgets

Manage complex labor/budget tracking. Allocate hours to departments, grants, projects, cost centers, and/or work orders for more precise budget tracking and reporting

  • Track your employees' work hours to prevent unplanned labor costs
  • Track and report on hours worked.


3. Simplify Compliance with Labor Laws and Union Agreements

  • Flexible configuration for automation of your organization's unique union rules and internal policies with configuration
  • Easily prove compliance with a complete audit trail of all changes made—whether applied in historical, current or future periods


4. Manage Attendance, Absence and Leave, and Accommodations with Ease

Relieve the stress of tracking employee attendance and managing hundreds of leave cases and reasonable accommodations at once.

  • Automate time-off, approval workflows, comp time, paid sick leave, and complex point-based attendance policies
  • Identify absence trends and simplify case management


Thus Transformify's workforce management system enables the management of personal details, login details, salary, leave structure. It efficiently stores data and eliminates time and manpower involvement thereby improving productivity and performance. It streamlines complete staff management solutions for fluent institutional working through custom reports, timely notifications via emails, and text messages regarding attendance salary, and events. Thus this cloud-based workforce management solution for schools, higher education, and institutions, is designed to adapt to the specific needs of the education industry. This system streamlines the process of managing teaching staff, substitutes, and other employees from hire to retire.


Transformify provides an easier way to recruit, engage and retain high-performing staff. We help higher education and schools optimize their workforce management to demonstrate accountability, improve compliance, and increase visibility over their human capital.