Whether you’re working in a traditional office or from home, office design is still important. A large part of how your workday goes depends on the environment you’re in. It impacts how well you can focus on the tasks at hand and how productive you've been at the end of the day. Implement these tips to create the most conducive environment possible for productivity.


Lighting is a basic concept that is often overlooked during initial design. But it has a tremendous effect on your ability to focus, and dim lighting has been known to contribute to headaches and fatigue. Being in the dark can also contribute to depression. Make your office brighter by opening the windows or doors to let natural light enter. Accessorize with lamps to make your work area brighter if natural light isn’t available due to weather or time of day.


You can’t get much done during the day if you’re constantly adjusting or can’t get comfortable. Invest in a good quality chair that offers support for your body. You’ll be more comfortable and get more done if you keep your eyes two to three feet away from the screen, keep your feet flat on the floor or a footrest, and sit at a slightly reclined position to reduce the amount of pressure on your spine. Proper seating can also help reduce lower back pain.

Room Color

Colors impact brain function and mood that create an emotional and physical response. Too much of a color can be overwhelming, but blue has been linked to productivity. Paint your room a different color that boosts your mood, add some decorations on the wall or on your desk to influence the mood. You’ll be surprised by how a key decoration can brighten the entire room.


Clutter inhibits focus and creativity. Develop a system to keep your papers and supplies organized. Make it a point to take five to ten minutes every day to put things in their place, wipe down surfaces, and keep your area ideal for work.

Safety Precautions

If needed, add a lock and/or soundproofing. This can be essential if you have kids. Don't forget to install carbon monoxide monitoring and fireproofing measures — keeping essential documents protected greatly contributes to overall peace of mind. Catastrophic fire damage can be avoided with high-quality smoke detectors.  


It can take some experimentation to create the right environment for productivity. Don’t be afraid to try different things until you find the right balance.