Los Angeles. 5p.m. Starbucks.

Attractive woman is sitting at the table, she drinks latte and reads a book.


Smart man is entering the café in a rush, he is holding his laptop and talking by the phone. He sat next to the attractive woman as he finished the call.

-Kate, I am so sorry, I wanted to be in time but my conference lasted longer than I expected.

-Don’t worry Stiv, I am already used to it. I know you for 5 years and you are always late.

- Some people must work, you know.

- I work actually, and you know it better than anyone else.

- Oh really? Yesterday you lived in New York and now you are here. How is your new apartment by the way?

- This is the benefit of being freelancer. And there are billion reasons for you to hire a freelancer. You just have to open your eyes to see them. Let me tell you some of them.

-Ok, but please be quick. I have a flight to New York in 2 hours. Must go back home.

-Ok, listen.

She started to tell him stories.



Amina’s  history.

Amina is from the Near East. Since childhood she wanted to be a lawyer. Despite the education in her country was not at a high level she did her best to know all about the law. She went to the library at the age 8 for the first and she red all the law books during the year. When she was 18 she wanted to enter the university. But her parents decided that she should marry instead. They though that there was only one way to be happy. Amina couldn’t make her parents change their minds. So she was forced to get marry. Amina’s husband didn’t love her but at least he respected her. When she was 23 she had 2 daughters. They were 3 and 5 years old. Amina really found her happiness in motherhood. But then her husband started to tell her that he wanted to sell sell their kids as soon as they turn 10 because they needed money. And she knew it wasn’t a joke. She couldn’t complain to anyone because she knew that they would automatically take her husband side. She was miserable a couple of days she didn’t know what to do. She had no money, no possibility to work, no friends that can help, no family that could support her. Some days later Amina realized that she had nothing but her brain. And she didn’t need any support she could handle it herself. She had time and she set a goal. Amina started distance learning. She learned 2 years. It was hard to hide it from her husband but she did it. The great professors taught her. And she became a good expert. Believe me she is not worse than those who went the university and ended up knowing nothing. Her older daughter is 7 now. Amina needs work to save up for the escape. If you only give her chance to work on you. I know you need a good lawyer. Just give her chance. She can surprise you. And you can save her life.


Rafael’s history

Rafael is 38 years old now. 10 years ago he worked as guard in a hotel. He had a good family. His wife was beautiful, she loved him and he loved her very much. Their children were 2 and 3 years old. Rafael earned not so much, but he did his best to provide for his family. He worked every night so that he could earn more. Everyone at work loved him, because there was no reason not to love him. He was a good person. But one day 10 years ago he got to a car accident. He was hit by the car. He lost his legs and arms. His wife couldn’t handle it, she left him. All friends turned away from him. His parents tried to help him, but he didn’t want to live anymore. He tried to suicide but failed. 2 years after accident was awful for him. With his parents’ help he learned to live again.  He didn’t talk to anyone two years. He couldn’t work anymore, he just existed. After two years he said that he want to talk to people with the same problem. He found 3 friends on skype. But none of them was in such a bad situation as he had. At least they had arms. And what most important they had family that supported them. They were shocked that he still lived and could smile, they told him that he should teach other people too. Next time they were online, they brought their friends with them. He told him his story and taught them that they should move on, no matter how hard live gets. And his live was really hard. He talked to them the whole year. And he red almost all the psychological books online. After one year he started to talk to people that weren’t invalids. But they needed his advices as much as invalids do. They started to pay him. People still pay him, but this money is not enough for him and his parents. They are already old and can’t work anymore. I know that you need a psychologist in your company. He can work online. Just let him try.



Jack is 13 years old. He is autist. There is no much to say about him. He can’t live a normal life, he goes to special school for children like him. His family is poor and he will never have a good job. But you should know that he knows mathematic really good. He could replace 3 accountants. Maybe if you check him he could  help you.


-Kate, stop. We both know, that there is no Amina. There is no Amina anymore. You could run away with your children from your husband and parents. You changed your name and changed your life forever. Your name is Kate now, you are a great lawyer you are the best mother in the world and you are my best friend. Honestly I don’t know what would I do without you.


-Exactly. But this could never happen if you didn’t believe in me. See, you gave me the chance back then and look at us now. I did surprise you, so can they.


-Back then I was just started my business. I was poor, I needed lawyer but didn’t have enough money for the good one, so I had to trust you. But now I can’t risk my money. And thanks God I didn’t lose my legs and arms. Just my “lovely” wife left me because I was poor. Years that I spent working as a guard helped me in my business. I saw a lot of people and knew a lot of stories. I learned people’s psychology. Of course books and online course also helped me. Now I provide hotels all over the world with the equipment and special form for guard, also I provide trainings for the beginning security guards. I travel a lot I choose only the best. I can’t trust anybody.


-I didn’t think up Rafael’s history. This is not a fiction, this is true. He did lost his legs and arms and family, he can’t work as a guard anymore, but he could provide trainings online, so that you could have more time for yourself and help him to earn. There is nothing wrong in learning or working online. We both learned online. Do you remember?


-Kate please.


-No Stiv, listen. There are so many people that have no opportunity to go to the work everyday for different reasons, but they do want work. You can help them, please do it for me. I will make the contract and everything will be alright I promise you.


-You will never stop surprising me. I didn’t know that you care about people so much. You almost cry. Look I have to go now, but I promise you I will try. I trust you like nobody else and if you trust them, then I will trust them too.


-Thank you Stiven, for everything that you did for me.


-Thank God I have you in my life.



Stiven hired Rafael and Jack. They are a good team now.


Sometimes we just have to believe.