There always a lot of things to do before Christmas, so Steve decided to help his friend Kate to pack presents and clean the house. In his 29 he is already the founder of one of the largest apparel brands in the country. With Kate, they have been friends since school. - Have you finished, Stevie? – she asked. - Yes, the fireplace is done! – he said.

Kate was sitting at the table, groping bows lying on it, gently taking them one after another and stuck to the gift boxes that were already decorated. The thing is that one and a half years ago, she lost her sight after an accident, and now she is forced to make a living by DIY stuff. She made a good living on it but she was worried at the same time that not everyone like her manages to get a job like this.

- Well, it's done! - Steve said. - Thank you for helping me as always. - Kate smiled – Shall I make you return with a tea? - Yes, it’d be nice! - Steve replied. Kate got up from the table, walked slowly to the headset and began to make tea. Steve offered her help, but she refused to take any. - Thank you but I can handle myself. – was her answer. Having made tea she put the kettle and two mugs onto the table. Steve poured the tea and asked:

- What are your plans for the new year, Kate? - Oh, I have no idea. I'd love to make music. I think I'm able to learn piano. – she sighed. - Oh, I’m sure you can do it!  – Steve replied. - And you, Stevie? - Kate asked.

- Ha-ha. Yeah, there’re plenty of plans. I have some ideas about our new collection, I’m now looking for inspiration. – he said and then added - Oh! Since I’ve been pretty successful, I think, it would be quite useful to share my experience with others by making a series of business lectures at the university. - That's great, you're a big fellow. - Kate smiled. - Oh, yes, but these day it’s not that smooth at the company – sighed Steve – there’s too much competition, people just go to the other companies which pay more than... - Why don’t you create jobs for the remote workers? -  Kate suggested suddenly.

- Oh, it's complicated, Kate... – he replied. - What is difficult about it? Why don’t you give jobs to people who really need them? - Kate added - I'm sure a lot of work that employees do in your office can be done remotely, at home. Thousands of people can’t work as they need to stay home.

- Of course, you're right but it’s the state that must take care of people like you. Am I wrong? - Steve muttered. - They must but people who need remote work want to be a full part of society, as well as people without any disables. Considering the fact that benefits don’t always cover all the expenses. - Kate spoke again - Let me tell you a few short stories about people like me? I met them at the forum on the remote jobs, and now we are good friends.

- Sure, go ahead. – Steve looked interested. - I have a wonderful penpal who lives in a small town in the outskirts of our country. For a long time she worked for a fish processing plant, but a year ago it got closed. Many people just left the town as the whole industry was held on that plant only. This girl couldn’t leave because in that case she’d have to leave her elderly mother alone. Now she’s forced to fend with part-time works since there’re no vacancies for permanent position. They pay a little money for part-time work and sometimes it’s impossible to get one. She writes great advertising texts on her own. Unfortunately, such employees have to work directly at the office. That is why she still can’t find a job. Don’t you think, Steve, it's unfair? – she asked and then continued,

- Another friend of mine not long ago was going to leave a town with her lover. But she got left pregnant. She decided she’d raise a child on her own. However the money is never enough: small sub, and a lot of money goes for a baby, you know: diapers, nutrition, toys... The only way out for her is a remote work, but the accountants who she’s by profession, need to work on the spot. She didn’t find any other job she could do from home. Just imagine, Stevie, how much better her life would be if she got a job! Now she’s really depressed. She doesn’t give up, though. I’m very proud of her and hope that she’ll succeed. – Kate finished her second story.

– You know, what mostly surprises me is when really gifted people can’t find jobs. A friend of mine - a first-class programmer - also the one to face with the fact that he can’t get a job because he’s sick... cerebral palsy. Because of the disease he can’t overcome long distances in his wheelchair, so he just can’t work at the office. And yeah, he can’t get a remote job as well. To be honest, I’m so angry about it as all that work can be done at home. I do not understand why these people aren’t given a chance. - she said.

- Seems like they think that people are unable to work as effectively as they do in the workplace. - Steve replied. - But it’s not the truth! Why do they underestimate us? We all are the same people, and we also have the right to work. Perhaps, for some reason we aren’t able to work like everyone else, but we also want to be a part of a society. Especially considering the fact that modern technologies allow us to! - Kate said. - Okay, let's end up this topic ... - she offered. - Okay. – said Steve getting up from the table and grabbing his things.

Two friends looked a bit confused after this conversation. When Steve was about to leave Kate asked him to take a gift prepared for him and wished him a merry Christmas in advance. They said goodbye, and Steve left.

He was thinking much about that conversation with his longtime friend but still remained in agreement with employers. He thought that such employees are hard to ask things and sometimes you even need to coddle them. The man believed that people cannot be really productive at home.

The next day, at Christmas, Steve started to unpack gifts. Reaching the Kate’s gift he was delighted and unpacked it with so much joy. Inside the box it was a nice checked woolen scarf. He took it and started to touch it all over and put it on himself to see how it looks like. He was so pleased with the gift that he immediately called Kate.

- Hello, Steve? Glad to hear from you. Merry Christmas! - Kate answered. - Merry Christmas to you, too! Hey, where did you get this scarf? I looked all over it but could not find any tags. What’s the brand? – Steve asked. - Why? Didn’t you like it? - Nothing like this! It's just perfect! I was looking for inspiration for a new collection, and seems like I’ve found it. So who’s the manufacturer? – Me. - Really? - Steve asked incredulously. - Yes, I’ve made it on my own. I'm glad you liked it. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to make a splash! - Kate giggled shyly.

It was a week since that last conversation they had. Kate's phone rang again. It was Steve. - Hello, Steve? - Kate! Hi! I do really need your help! - Of course! How can I help you? - Kate asked. – Do you remember you told me about a few people on Christmas Eve? - So..? - Could you give me their Skype IDs? I’d like to talk to them about the work.

- What? Are you serious? - Kate could not believe it. - Yes, I am! I got 8 more jobs for the remote operations. I think in the nearest future my company will be fulfilled with such employees. Also I have a place for you as well! – he said. Kate realized it was not a hoax, but still could not believe that Steve's opinion has changed so much.

- By the way, thank you for the conversation and for letting me understand one thing: everyone can work successfully, no matter from where. What matters is that people’d work hard and put all their inspiration in what they do. So, are you in? - Of course! I'll do my best! - Kate said joyfully. The first thing she decided to do is to write a post on a forum called "remote worker is wanted"...

Steve closed and left the office in a satisfied mood. He was heading to the Kate’s to discuss the available vacancies and the organization of the work. On the door of his office there was poster proclaiming "Online business lectures for beginners."