Seven years ago, Jack F. was 27 years old and earned about 40 thousand dollars per year working in marketing. Becoming a digital nomad probably never crossed his mind. The highlight of his day would be driving to and from work, just because in those moments he could listen to music and take a break from thinking that his life is not going the right direction. He was not unhappy but had no strong motivation to continue walking this path.

When the company he worked for was sold, he had two options: to keep his job or take a severance package and leave. Jack chose the latter. The first few months he was partying with friends and wasting money.

One of those days, he looked at a map where he could go and decided to go to Thailand. In the first seven days, he tried different activities, and the last one was diving. In the next few years, he plunged a thousand times. In the meantime, has traveled the world, teaching people to dive and sought the perfect place to live.

To make some more money, he began to do something new, Taiji - martial arts practiced in Southeast Asia. At that time, Jack wrote a blog about his experiences of practicing Taiji and was eager to get more income by turning his blog into an Ebook. He reshaped his blog into the ebook which in the first month earned $ 600.

Traveling through Asia he encountered a group of digital nomads who worked and traveled at the same time. Jack was extremely excited to meet people who shared same interests and vision he had. Many of them became his friends and he had a bunch of useful connections now to develop his own thing.

Today jack earns up to $ 15,000 per month in different ways. His money still comes from writing Ebooks, monetizing and advertising on his blog, also, he offers online courses. He’s sharing his experience with other people who don’t want to spend all their life in the same office, working 9AM to 5PM. He encourages them to make the most of their life with his own example.