E-learning can be defined in different ways, upon who is using, because some people think that it is evil, while for others it is an  opportunity to get educational curriculum at home. Here I would like to show you advantages and disadvantages and you decide, should you use it or not? 

So, e-learning is very convenient according to  time for the student, that is,if there is free time, go studying the course and completing tasks, which you need. You  decide when you are studying a course, it is natural to be deadlines, but you do not have to get up at like 6 in the morning and sleep during the lecture that at 8 am in the morning. You can watch a video lecture when you want and when you have time or when it is suitable. However, there is a negative side - laziness, "ah, I still have time!" "I will  do it tomorrow,"  sounds familiar? bouts of laziness can attack you when your brain is aware that there is still time to watch the video lecture and complete the task. Schools, colleges and universities by assigning lessons - taught for responsibility and to use and manage your time properly. This is an important lesson for the formation of time-management.
I am also a student and I am also a human - very oftet I was attacked by bouts of laziness, there are times when I just complete the task in 20 minutes before the deadline. Even this post I put off to the last, and wrote it in the last day, before that I had some stuff to do, I have considered much more important. For example, do the cleaning, to talk with my mother, to watch the new series of "Supernatural", just sleep, etc. This is the best case scenario - as I am not abandoned, and still wrote the post. If it was a deadline at school, at college, at university - I would try to appeal on emotions to my teacher, under the reason of "my dog ​​has died," "My paper has been eaten the dog" (poor dog, I think animal protection organizations are going to jugde me for what I dump all the blame on my dog. During the e-learning is not possible, you can not call the teacher who got at least dozents of students online and listen your reasons why you couldn't complete tasks. However, in both situations you learn to appreciate your chance. So, here you decide do you want to do everything at the time and with everybody or do by yourself at 20 minutes till deadline.

Next, eye to eye contact with teachers. Mostly teachers are human too, so they got their "favourite" students. In the classroom you can change your group, if you don't like the teacher, however in online courses that is not always possible. During the online courses you may be forced to hear some annoying voice of teacher, of course you can skip the course, but you rolled because at least you were interested in or you have to (here I'm talking about specail courses that you have to complete to graduate). 

I have to point out number of pregnant women are rising everywhere, for example it can prove TV show like 16 and Pregnant  in the USA and Ukraine too, or Russia's "Пусть говорят" (Pust govoryat) and etc around the world. It's great opportunity for young moms, by this way they can escape jugdement of their classmates/groupmates/ teachers and physically that's not easy to come to school/colledge/university. Every woman pregnancy proceeds differently. However, all pregnant swollen legs, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, syncope, etc.When they are busy by becoming moms, that's chance to not forget about their education. And that's better to sit at home and complete tasks, rather that going to school/colledge/university.

E-learning is not only for those who are pregnant, have disabilities, it is for everyone. For exmaple, if you are interested in some courses but it is not taught at school/colledge/university, you get can get online or buy DVD version. For example, now I'm using coursera.org and edx.org, you can roll freely if you don't want sertificate. You can get lessons from the best teachers around the world. So for me personally it us a great opportunity to not be limited in expanding my knowledge in the spheres that I'm interested in. So, you decide use e-learning or not.

Good luck!