Thinking about a perfect job, I usually imagine a place where I can develop my skills, have a good salary, useful practice and where I will have a feeling of doing a rewarding job. We all now live in a fast-paced, constantly changing competitive world in which both big cities and small towns suffer from unemployment. And it doesn’t matter who you are when it comes to money, because everyone needs it. Students, disabled people, stay-at-home moms and other groups of society want to live a good decent life and to support not only themselves but their families as well.

        I am a student and I know that many of my friends would like to work but, unfortunately, we are seldom given such lucky opportunities. Firstly, a lot of students study in towns where it can be extremely difficult for a college graduate to find a job, to say nothing of us, students. Secondly, diligent students are not generally willing to miss classes and are sometimes afraid that college professors will not approve of sacrificing full-time studies for a job, which can affect their grades or academic performance in general. Finally, it is not easy to juggle work and study, especially if one has to commute to work or college. Therefore, the best solution in these cases is definitely a remote job or e-learning as it is highly convenient not only for students, but also for those who have health problems or who are single parents, for example. I strongly believe that it can change their life for the better because often such groups of people need a more flexible working schedule that should leave space and time for family, self-development and caring for their health. And I am absolutely convinced that if given a chance and having learnt proper time management, such employees can show very good results.

          My family moved to Russia 2 years ago because of the civil war in Donbass where we were living at the time. No one had been able to foresee such a frightful thing. I saw people and children dying almost every day. There were thousands of soldiers and hardly any paid work. It was terrible for adults to leave the house, go and start their working day because it was never safe outside and one might never come back; it was equally impossible stay at home as parents had to earn even the meager money they were paid to support their families. Many people of my age, who had chosen not to leave the region or the country, were just about to enter universities, which they probably did not do then as it was too dangerous for them to travel from one town or city to another. Had they had a chance to do E-learning, they would not only have saved their money and time, but for some even lives.

My family had been forced to leave our motherland in order to escape the war. It was a very hard choice between becoming refugees, losing everything we had and saving our own lives and going nowhere, right into the unknown. And when we came to Russia, we discovered that there was so much unemployment here! No one would pay us and my parents, who are quite educated and experienced specialists, felt desperately useless, and I remember seeing so much pain in their eyes… We had difficulties mostly with everything but somehow managed not to give up. So, my mom found a remote job consulting parents whose children have speech problems and also got a job as a speech therapist in a nursery school nearby. That was how we struggled to make ends meet, but now thanks god, we are doing well. Still, I wish I could also help my parents and find a remote job, too.

And now some words about women’s rights. Talking about the Middle East, it’s impossible not to mention women who are generally not given much freedom of any kind of choice – educational, professional, or maybe even matrimonial. So, I am sure that increasing the importance of women in Middle Eastern societies and providing them even with remote jobs can have significant benefits for the regional economy and, hopefully, make someone happy as it might be a great way to prove that they mean something to the world and they don’t have to waste their life being afraid, restrained and unheard.

I strongly believe that everything can be better and people should be given a chance to work in any region, country, in any situation under a variety of  circumstances.