Script on Kate and Steve Remote Work Adventure



A Hotel conference Hall

Steve and Kate are attending a conference on Importance of remote work in 21st century. The participants are leaving for the mid tea break while chattering about the speaker’s presentation.


Steve:I really don’t think remote work is that much effective. What do you think Kate?


Kate:Well I think it is very much effective as it helps people with limited or no resources to make a respectable earning without little or no travelling.


Steve:Well I haven’t given it a thought but you really think it,s rational in today’s situation?


Kate:It is applicable, Tell me how much you travel on average to meet your clients?


Steve:Well about a Two Dozen per year on  average


Kate:Are you able to close the deal with all of them?

 Steve: Well not all of them as most of them are quite hard to convinced

Kate:So what happened when they are not convinced?

Steve:Usually I need to lower the bid price to close the deal as the company need to rationalize the travelling cost incurred in the process.

Kate:So Does this happen quite often?

Steve:Well it happens quite rarely

Kate: Well I am glad we had this chat and the next session is about to start.i think you are going to love it as it,s on importance of remote work.

Steve:I think remote work is not as effective as the regular work.

Kate: Well we will talk more about it after  the session.



Session Ends


Kate:So steve Did You enjoy the session?

Steve:yeah I definitely did,I really did,nt know much about the Remote Work and after today,s session I really want to know more about it.

Kate:Well you are in luck because I haven’t told you earlier that I am an entrepreneur who work remotely and has a business which is blooming.

Steve:That,s Wounderful.What,s the name of your firm?

Kate: Smart Tech Solutions inc

Steve:ooh so you are the owner of the firm which has been giving a tough competition to all the tech companies not mentioning the company which I worked for.

Kate:Well I have been blessed with a great team and we are just started to scratch the surface. We  plan to be the best tech solution providing firm in the state.

Steve:Well I believe you can do it too.I am glad we met.I would like to meet you again.

Kate:Same here and I too want to discuss some ideas and I think you can help me in this regard.

Steve:Well I would love too,Here is my card you can give me call and then we can fix up a meeting.

Kate:I might take you up on that soon.How about this Saturday?

Steve:That sounds good.How about 12pm,we can have our meeting and then we can have lunch together.

Kate: Thank you so much. Looking forward in  meeting you on Saturday.



Steve and Kate Shook hands and left for the parking lot.


Saturday Morning

Kate,s Home


Kate:Hey Steve, This is Kate,I just like to confirm for today’s meeting.

Steve:Hi Kate it,s nice to hear from you  again. I am really looking forward to meet you too.

Kate:Well you can note down the address,It,s 365 Marine Drive penselvenya


Steve:I got it,I will be there at 12pm sharp.

Kate: See you there Bye



Kate,s Home


Door Bell rings


Kate:Hey you made it, come on in.

Steve: Thank you Kate for having me.i am really looking forward to know more about your work.

Kate:Well,l am too ready looking forward in discussing it with you.


Steve: So let,s begin, what you want we to help you with?

Kate:Well as I told you earlier that I work remotely along with the other people on my team.I am really glad to tell you that currently I know more than 150 people all over the world who are working remotely and creating employment not only for themselves but for the people around them too.


Steve: Sounds interesting, Go On.


Kate:Well I would really like more people on board so we can really engage people working towards creating remote work.


Steve:It,s really not such a bad idea Kate and I think I can really help you out there too


Kate:I am glad to hear that,I am thinking we should first design a strategy as how we should tackle it.

Steve;Yes and I completely agree with you and you are also in luck as I will be starting my  African tour from next week and I would be glad to use it for both of our mutual benefit.


Kate;Thank you steve for doing this.Well I am thinking that small startup ventures that do not require much investment which would really be suited to the need of the people of Africa.


Steve:Have you arranged any sponsors for it?   


Kate:Yes I have engaged some sponsors most of them are High net worth individuals who have agreed to provide funds for the cause.


Steve;That,s great,Let,s chalk out the other details than, plus will be willing to come along so we can do it more effectively?


Kate:Well I think I can definitely arrange to leave for few I would get the chance to meet the people before end.


Steve:Well,Did you have the plans ready for this tour?

Kate:Yes I have completed them and I am sure we can implement them with out difficulty.


Steve;Let me have a look at them.


Kate:Here Have a look at them.


Steve:These are quite good, These remote work can be created swiftly without much hassle.


Kate: Thank you,so when are we leaving for this tour?

Steve:We will leave on 26th of this month.

Kate:I almost forgot about the dinner,let,s discuss the other details over dinner.




Kate:We will head to Nigeria than we will continue our tour to other countries from there.


Steve:Sure, meanwhile you can prepare all the materials which you want to deliver during this trip.


Steve:ThankYou Kate for the lovely dinner. See you soon.Don,t Hesitate to contact me for any assistance in this regard.


Kate: Thank you Steve,See you soon.




The End