Steve parked his car and started leading to his friend's house. After traveling for a few weeks, he thought his reunion with Kate would be fun but his dreams have flew when she has called him to announce her husband's death. He stepped in the front yard and knocked softly at the door. This kind of situation has always disturbed him. Kate opened the door and smiled sadly. Two women emerged behind her, said goodbye and greeted Steve at the same time. Steve came in and Kate closed the door. The house was unusually silencious.

- Where's Justin ?

- He's in his friend's house.

- How had he taken the news ?

- Well... He was a little bit sad but I don't think he really understand what's happening. Anyway, he wasn't used to see his father so... the mutation isn't as big as it should be for him.

Justin was Kate's son. He was only 5 years old and his father was in the army so he wasn't usually at home.

- Tell me if I can do something to help, I really feel useless right now.

- You don't have to, I just have to focus on my child and job now.

- Your remote job, right ? But going to work everyday can help you Kate. Do you want to change atmosphere ? You should meet new people...

- But I'm happy with my job and I usually meet new people

- You need to live and to focus on the real life. I think you're too addicted to Internet now

- It just has many advantages and I'm aware of them. A remote job is perfect for me because I've to take care of a child, remember. Plus, I've already met many people.

- I still maintain my opinion.

- I was going to make a group chat with my new friends. Would you like to talk with them ?

- Tell me a little bit about them first.

- Fine. They are three : Maryam, a 40 years old woman who lives in the Middle East, Sarah, a 30 years old woman, she's a syrian refugee and Abdou, an African. They are my co-workers.

- Ok, let's see them.

Kate took her Macbook and seated on the sofa. Steve joined her. She opened the Skype page and joined the group chat her friends were making.

- Hello Kate ! _said the three people in unison.

- We've missed you ! Who's with you ? _said a woman with an arabic accent.

She had a red headscarf on her head. All the three were waiting for an answer.

- That's my friend Steven. He's a businessman and he wanted to meet you

- Nice to meet you, Steven ! _they said.

- Nice to meet you too ! _he said with a smile.

- I was debating with him about the advantages of a remote job so I was wondering if you could share your stories with him, maybe he'll be convinced after that.

- Haha, let's try ! _said Maryam, the one with the headscarf.

  "I live in a muslim country. It's very complicated for a woman to get a job here because we should constantly avoid the men. Plus, even if I wanted to work to help my husband with the bill, the primitive role of a woman is to educate her children So I had to stay home to take care of my babies. Now imagine how happy I've been when I've discovered that I could stay at home and work ! I was finally able to raise my children and help financially my husband at the same time. I couldn't hope for better !"

- Me too, I couldn't hope for better. When the war started in my country, I've packed my suitcases and decided to start a new life in Europe. I thought everything would be okay here but I just couldn't find a job. Fortunately, I've found a remote job. It has changed my life _said the other woman, Sarah.

- Your stories are very interesting _said Steven with a pensive look. - And you Abdou, you look so young. Couldn't you find a job in your country ?

- Unfortunately, no. I'm 25 years old but I've never had a proper job, even if I was a good student. The sad part in it is that there are many young people who are like me. I'm the first person in my family who has a diploma and they all hope that I'll help them leave the misery. I remember the first day I talked with my father about the Internet. He thought I had some mystical powers because he couldn't understand how I was able to study, see what was happening in all over the world and know so much people from different countries. He said : "Aren't your mystical powers able to get you a job ?". It suddenly made a click. I started doing researches and found out this job. I'm now able to help my family. I don't really understand why you're debating over it. Aren't the advantages of a remote job obvious ? _asked Abdou

- Okay, okay ! You've convinced me !

- Finally ! _ exclaimed Kate.

Then everybody started laughing. Steve glanced at his watch.

- Well, I've to go now. You've given me some crazy ideas. By the way, your father is an interesting character, Abdou. It was nice meeting you all !

- Goodbye, Steve ! _they said in unison.

He stood up and Kate followed him.

- It's good to know that people are happy because of a remote job. I'll call you later. Say hi to Justin for me.

He pressed his lips on her forehead and opened the door. Before getting into his car, Kate asked suddenly :

- What are those crazy ideas you were talking about ?

- I was just thinking about recruting some people for a remote job. I hope that I'll help them, how small this help can be.

A grin crossed kate's face as she said goodbye and closed the door. She was thinking about how the life of some people was going to change. She was happy to know that she had taken part in it. Despite her sadness due to her husband death, she managed to make others' life brighter. It seemed like she had made a big achievement.