“Car accident. The day that divided my life for before and after. A day after which nothing was the same anymore,” says Katy. A 25year old girl, whose life changed irreversibly on a rainy October day.

We studied together in college. Not too close friends but met on different occasions on campus. She was sweet and had a kind of laughter that was contagious. Katy was always on the go, with hundreds of things to get done, like most students. And all of a sudden everything changed. That day, on the 31st of October they planned to go to the party with three other friends. Everything was as usual. And then, rain, slippery road…

“I remember I tried to reach her by phone that evening but she didn’t answer. I tried many times but still no answer. That’s when I started to have a feeling something bad has happened,” recalls one of Kathy’s friends, Anna.

Next day we woke up to the news that Kathy was the only one who survived. Three other people that were with her in the car died. But Kathy’s injuries were severe.

Doctors were fighting for her life during 45 days. Then, begun her way back to life. Long months of rehabilitation and finally the verdict of the doctors - “Spine injury was too serious. Very few chance she will ever walk again.”

“To say it turned my world upside down is an understatement. All of a sudden so many things I was used to were not available for me anymore. I had to learn to live in the new reality. I wouldn’t be able to do it without my friends and family,” says Kathy with tears in her eyes.

“While I was getting used to my new reality my friends graduated from college, started working, some of them created families and had babies. I also want my life to be fulfilled, like everyone else. I managed to finish the studies but I’m struggling to get a job. I was supposed to be a Math teacher according to my studies. But there’s no way I could teach at school right now,” she adds not hiding the sadness.

And Kathy is not alone in her wish. There is a great number of people who face the same problem, who are not noticed by society and face their problems of employment alone.

“Financial independence is of extreme importance to me,” says Kathy. “I don’t want to be a burden for my parents. I want to be able to buy the things I need and to pay for the treatment which is quite an amount every month. I still have some hope I will walk someday but till then I need to find the ways to provide for myself.”

After struggling for some time to find a job with local employers Kathy started looking for other options. Local employers were not eager to create special working conditions for a handicapped person, to adjust the working hours, and provide the required benefits. Luckily, Kathy came up with the idea of applying her skills by working from home via the Internet. She started teaching at the online Math courses for students.

There’s a sparkle in Kathy’s eyes again, “My life has more sense now. I can communicate with other people. I feel needed and appreciated. It’s great to be able to share the knowledge and do what I like. The remote job helped me gain back my self-confidence and financial independence. I feel much happier now and can afford to continue the treatment which gives me a chance to walk in the future.”