My name is Steve I am a businessman from the United States. My Things were going pretty well, I'm not going to specify exactly what I'm doing, but I would say that pretty well succeeded in their younger years! After completing my next project, I decided that I could relax as I had free time and money. I decided that I wanted to go to Europe! Especially because I love everything new: the country, the food, the people, acquaintances - but this list is endless!

So I started my trip to Europe. The first country where I arrived, was France! Then, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark and so on. The full Europe I was pleasantly surprised!
 So I got to the central or eastern Europe, to tell the truth has not yet been realized in some parts of the continent are the Czech Republic, Slovakia! When arriving in a new country or city, the most I was interested in the nightlife: clubs, bars, and various parties.

This time was no exception, I started looking for fun in a new city. I went to a bar where I met with the local guys, they seemed to me a very nice young men. They invited me into their company and offered to go with them in a nightclub, to which I agreed.

 I woke up. In my head was a terrible pain when I touched the head, and then looked at my hand, it was covered in blood, I have understood that I had a head injury. I tried to get up and look around, there was nothing, I was somewhere in the countryside.Checking my pockets I found nothing. Now I understood why those guys were up to me so attentive, they decided to rob me. It was necessary go from there, I got a few steps, and again fell unconscious.

I woke up I do not know through how many, I was in some house. I fell asleep again. I was awakened by the children lought. I looked out the window was already morning. I got up, looked around, I was in a room with rather poor but clean atmosphere. Approaching the mirror hanging on the wall, I saw in the mirror, my head bandaged. Then the room went to middle-aged man with black hair and the same black mustache on his face and swarhy. He started me to say something, but I do not know language other than English. Then a woman came into the room about the same age, a little overweight, but more than I surprised her outfit. On her head was a bright scarf with coins at the edges from the front had two pigtails. Although Outside it was quite hot, she was wearing a jacket with long sleeves, and the same long and colorful skirt to the floor. Woman about something spoke to the man, and left. It seemed to me that I'm somewhere in the Middle East, as these people have the eastern appearance and clothes respectively. After a while they came back with a young and pretty girl.

She spoke to me in their own language, when I said I did not understand anything, she asked me in English who am I? I told her my story l. She asked me my name? I told her that my name is Steve, and asked her the same question she replied that her name is Tahmina!

I asked: How what?

She laughed and said, as always, only our people can pronounce my name! You can call me Kate, it will be more habitual for you!

I started asked Kate where I? She told me that man at home who I am went to home from his job , and near the road found me, the other men who were with him refused to help him, because they are afraid of the problems with the police, and he had one to drag me to his home.

Steve: Why afraid? And anyway, where I am?

Kate: You're in the Roma village, well, afraid because you know how the police relates to the Roma?

What are the Roma? I asked

Kate laughed hahhh, well, we still have to say gypsies!

That made me a little wary, not that I would know a lot about Roma, but even then I knew I had some piece caused concern.

Seeing my expression face Kate laughed even more, and said something that couples in the house where I am, they began to laugh!

She told me that I can ostavatsya here a few days, until I feel better, then they were taking me to the city. Then Kate said, I can not worry and fear no one, everything will be fine, Roma respect their guest! Especially since you do not have to steal !! And she again started to laugh, referring to all the prejudices that exist about Roma.

Then the house come in some children, the hostess began to put on the table the food. We had lunch, and Kate said, that she will come to see me next day!

The next day after breakfast, Kate came back, and asked how I feel?

I felt much better, and she suggested a walk in the fresh air.

We went out and walked around the village, around a us ran lot of children, and near us went to guy looked about 14,named Tahir, Kate presented him as a brother.

  We were talking, I asked what day of the week?

Kate said that it is Wednesday!

Steve: Why children are not in school?

Kate: They do not go to school!

Like this? I asked.

Kate: Oh, it's a long story, first of all school is in another village, and children hard to go, especially in winter! And local teachers, students and their parents are prejudiced against Romani children so they do not go to school! It is also associated with certain traditions.

Steve: What traditions?

Kate: This is especially true of girls, the fact that Roma girls can nahaditsya with the guys at the same level to a certain age, then aged about 14-15 years old girls can not speak with the boys at the same level. How do you think why did I come with my brother, it's because I can not is with you for a single, it is unacceptable in the Romani community.

Steve: Wow, you are so principled!

Kate: Hahh, but that's the tradition. There are other factors, is poverty. The children are forced to early to start making money because their parents are very hard to earn enough money to support the family as they have not good job with small many or they collect metal. A vicious circle of parents do not have money because they do not have education, and their children have the same life.

Steve: And how are you? You can speak English!

Kate: Hahh !! I also can read! She said sarcastically

I'm an exception! Basically, I have the same fate. I only finished elementary school. But my parents were lucky to work in Spain, they there are took oranges on the plantations. Arriving from the incomes for they bought for me and brothers a computer, and conducted online. I began to look for a program that can help me learn the various science! I taught history, math, and other items that can help me in the future! Especially I liked learning foreign languages!

  Steve: Well, what helped?

Kate: Well, as you can see, we're now talking!

  Steve: And what do you do? How do you earn?

Kate: Well, I'm telling you that I a special! Since I do not have education, I do not take job anywhere, especially when the employer finds out that I'm a gypsy, then immediately there are 1000 excuses to not give me any job. So I decided to do business. I trade via the Internet, buy and sell a variety of things.

Steve: But what about the government, it helps you to fight with illiteracy?

Kate: Oh, but who in reality are needed Roma? All ends only in words, no one is thinking about real help. And if something offered, it is at odds with our culture, they want us to assimilate. In Europe, approximately 20 000 000 Roma, and we want to preserve our culture, language and traditions that some 10,000 years. We do not have their own country, so our rights no body represent like other Diaspora.

Steve: I don `t know that!

Kate: I have a dream! I debug the money to buy computers for the youth of our village in order to able to get at least some piece formation and development!

After we walked in silence.

  I stayed a few days in the village and made many friends, including Kate became my friend. When I got better, my new friends took me to the city where I got in touch with the police and soon went home in the United States.